6 Different Types Of Wall Tiles For Home?

6 Different Types Of Wall Tiles For Home?

If you have ever considered getting tiles for your home, you are probably overwhelmed and surprised by the many tiles that are available. Long gone are the days when tiles meant boring colored, plain tiles that offered little to no specs. Today, there are so many tile options that you can opt for installing in your home. Out of all the options available porcelain and ceramic tiles happen to be the most popular. There are also cement tiles, metal tiles, glass tiles, natural stone tiles, concrete tiles- just to name a few. If that’s not enough, know that not every sort of tile works appropriate for every job.

The number one thing that you need to consider is your budget obviously. We recommend before you get into tile shopping create a budget for the tiles that you wish to include in your home. With so many options it’s hard not to be overwhelmed with the diversity available.  Whether you are planning for the future or are in urgent need of tiles, we have prepared an article that looks at 6 different wall tiles for your home. Whether you need wall tiles for kitchen for your living room, the bedroom and what not, these tiles will fit in perfectly in one room or the other. Here are our top picks:

Ceramic Tiles 

These tiles are probably one of the most common tiles that you can find. It is present in almost every home as it is suited for many applications. Ceramic tiles are an ideal choice if you are looking for increased durability and act as the perfect tile option for bathrooms, entrance way points, kitchens and more. 

Cleaning and installation is a breeze and there are over hundreds of styles that can work well with every design. You can also choose between unglazed tiles for a more rustic finish or glazed ones for longer lasting floors. 

Porcelain Tiles

Up next we have another common type of tile which is porcelain. Though closely related to ceramic they both are still different. The appeal of porcelain stems from it’s potential to emulate natural wood, stone or brick without the need of any maintenance. You still get to have the same finish without the high maintenance or weathering. These tiles come in a variety of colors and designs adding versatility to just about any space in your home, be it the kitchen or the bathroom. 

Cement Tiles

These tiles have been around for quite some time since the 19th century to be precise but have made a huge comeback in modern interior design. These tiles offer an amazing set of colors and patterns you can play with and can be very versatile upon application. 

Cement tiles are very porous and patina may develop overtime which could enhance the pattern even more. If they get discolored, you also have the option to reseal and sand them just like wooden floors. However to maintain its beauty they must be resealed once a month and are ideal for when used in small quantities. 

Glass Tiles 

If you are looking for elegance, glass tiles are the way to go. The stain resistance offered makes it a great alternative to natural stone. Any spills (including acidic elements) can be wiped up easily without the risk of permanent staining. It is a great minimalistic aesthetic feel that you can bring to your walls. These tiles are ideal for backsplashes or anywhere where the risk of chipping is lowered. 

Mosaic Tiles

These tiles come in a lot of different colors, shapes and styles. They are ideal for wall applications when accent is required. Depending on the type of tile chosen, mosaics can look dated easily, so be sure to keep the space in mind where you wish to install it. 

Marble Tiles 

Lastly, though a costly option, marble tiles are great for adding elegance to any room. If you wish to beautify the kitchen or bath area lying down some marble tiles can elevate any space. However, it does require a lot of maintenance to keep it pristine.

Use these options the next time you’re looking to get yourself some wall tiles. Each of the above tile materials are timeless and elegant on their own, be sure to choose one that fits your requirements the best. 

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