6 Home Designs Trends That Buyers Are Crazy for

6 Home Designs Trends That Buyers Are Crazy for

If there is one thing that encompasses design trends together, it’s that they are constantly evolving, shifting, changing. No matter what the design in question is, you can count on it morphing with the times. As soon as one trends comes up, another one will replace it soon. However, home design trends are a bit more sturdy and stable.

A good home design style sticks. In fact, we can even define decades, years, and time periods with how their homes looked. Think of a nice 1940s home, warm, inviting, and contrast it with something form the 1980s – all sleek, elegant, shiny, chrome and plastic. Well below we have drawn up some potential trends that just might define this time period. Read on to find the top home design trends that buyers are absolutely going crazy for.

Some of that natural influences

There comes a time where we all feel the urge to change how our homes look. We might want to change its look with a roof, having it reworked and replaced. Or, we can focus our gaze on the internal, on the inside, and maybe see what we can do with limited space and bound geography.

Namely, the entire new rage today is biophilic interiors. This specific concept is all about connecting our homes with nature, with the natural world. Now, this can manifest itself through having special plants, natural materials, as well as having lights and patterns and looks at least mimicking nature.

natural influences

Pink is here to stay

Yes, pink is getting the attention it deserved for so long, finally. Namely, look at your panels and your walls, and just think – why do they have to stay white? One simple addition, an extra layer of pink can make the walls seem bright, open, and cheerful, unlike the dead, clinical white that was there before.

For small pink accents in your home, try pink dried flowers in a long clear vase or some beautiful scented pink candles to adorn on some side tables.

Lots of textures

It’s fascinating how much texture can influence a home. We all obsess over colours and shapes and lighting, and that is all perfectly natural and normal. But actually getting some extra texture can really make your home pop.  So, if you’re thinking of some unique new home designs, we suggest you experiment with textures.

Namely, try things like getting wicker storage baskets that give that natural, rustic feel to the place. maybe some fur around the place, or wood, grain, gravel, things that add a sense of the wild in the home, even if that’s not the focus of the place.

Perhaps you can try something a bit more subdued. Getting something smoother, clean, elegant, can also do wonders. Think glass and plastic sculptures, hard plastic chairs, maybe some metal…


Accents and “more”

What about going with something a bit more eclectic. People are getting less and less afraid of experimenting, of adding various accents all around the home. Don’t be afraid of being kitschy – that’s probably not what’s going to happen.

Maybe what you’re really looking for is some mixed metals. Copper, brass, aluminium, and steel – all of these can by their very nature add a bit of a change to the entire place.

Rather, go wild, get some character for the home. First home buyer wants something that speaks, something that differs from the sea of mediocrity, of identical houses and depressingly lacklustre ideas and designs.


Minimalism has its own benefits. It’s simple, sleek, it allows you to emphasise certain parts of your home more easily. However, Maximalism should get its fair shot nowadays as well. Namely, we want warm colours, something organic, bombastic, in your face. Maximalism means throwing away the notion of minimalism, of not being intrusive or harsh. With the maximalist style you want your home to simply scream for attention.

Get some bold colours in there, some larger chairs and sofas. Don’t be afraid to step on a couple of designer toes – let your home express itself in bold, loud tones.



There is nothing wrong with going vintage, quite the opposite really. Sure, we all want modern things like high-quality security systems, good tech, a nice TV, fast internet service. So, why not mix these things up with a nice vintage style?

We are talking about the seventies now, something that seems to correlate directly to vintage nowadays. This means earth tones, lots of wood, nice lights that make statements for your home. Velvet is going to really feel at home in a vintage-inspired house. Colours like yellow and orange also work. And of course the most fun part of all – the accessories, like a record player, even some eastern decor.


And there you have it folks, some design trends that your buyers will simply go ga for. Whether it’s going old-school, mixing metals and adding that vintage feel, or maybe throwing out the notion that “less is more”. Perhaps you prefer something a bit more bombastic, like Maximalism. Or, all you really need is some extra textures, all in pink.

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