6 Tips to Make This Year’s House Spring Cleaning Count

6 Tips to Make This Year’s House Spring Cleaning Count

Spring cleaning is one of those things that a lot of homeowners don’t want to do, but every spring it becomes essential to get rid of the cobwebs and dust. Spring cleaning may not sound like fun, but a few good tips can help make this job a lot easier on you. If you take the time to read this article and follow the listed tips, you will work more efficiently and make this year’s house spring cleaning count.

Here are 6 tips to make this year’s house spring cleaning count

1.Clean the House Top to Bottom for Efficiency


This is the number one rule of house cleaning. Don’t waste your time or increase your burden by cleaning bottom to top. If you clean the floor first and then move towards the top, it will only make your floor grubby again with the grime and dust from the ceiling.

That’s why it is recommended that you start from the top and clean up the roof, paintings, fans, and all the stuff above. In this way, all the filth and grime will be on the floor. Then you can clean up that mess easily. After doing that, you can then divert your attention back to the furniture and or decoration pieces. Don’t use the mop as it will only make your furniture or other stuff filthy again. For this, using a vacuum cleaner would be a good idea.

2.Move Along Old, Unused Items to Create Space and Declutter

Another important spring cleaning tip that you should follow is to declutter and clear out your house of old, unused items. It will be difficult, but it will help create space and declutter. You will immediately feel the difference it makes. It is recommended that you make a pile of the things that you want to keep, another of the things that are useful but you don’t want, and another pile for the garbage. Consider giving away old, unused items that you don’t really need. There are many organisations that will be willing to take your old furniture and donations.

3.Choose New Storage Options to Tidy Up

Space allocation is essential for effective organisation. After sorting everything that you want to store or keep, it is recommended that you designate a space or a place for them to go. You might need to choose new storage options. If you want to purchase storage boxes, then do so. Once you know where your stuff is stored, it will be quite easier for you to retrieve them when you need to use them. While storing, you should label the stuff as well. This will help you properly organise your stuff.

4.Refresh Old Walls with a Fresh Coat of Paint


Technically, this is not a cleaning task. However, painting old walls is an easy and inexpensive way to refresh them and make your house shine. Applying a fresh coat of paint to old walls is a perfect thing to do in the spring because your windows are open during this season which is what you want when you are about to paint. It is recommended that you choose a light colour if you want your house to have a light airy feel. On the other hand, if you like a certain dark colour, then it is recommended that you paint one of your four walls with that colour and then the rest with a lighter colour. This will create a stunning contrast.

5.Don’t Forget to Tidy Up Your Garden


While the majority of homeowners take it upon themselves to spring clean and tidy up their homes and sheds, they tend to forget about spring cleaning their lawns and gardens. For others, gardening is usually among the last to be tackled. During this year’s spring cleaning, it is recommended that you don’t forget to tidy up your garden. Just a little effort can pave the way for a beautiful and lush garden that lasts through the fall.

There are a few things that you will need to do in order to make your garden spring cleanup as effective as possible. The first thing you will need to do is unclutter the garden. Clear out all the debris and dead plants so that your garden can be prepared for future greatness. Next, assess the damaged areas of your garden. Perform a quick survey of the main areas and scout for any areas of mould, rot, or general damage. If you find any damage, then simply remove and prepare the area for replanting. Preparing the soil is also recommended.

6.Tackle Tough Overlooked Spots Like the Oven or Shower

During the spring cleanup, it is easy to overlook spots like the oven or shower. For these, you will need a more dedicated, deep clean approach. If you’re busy and don’t have time to dedicate to this deep clean then a house cleaner near me is a top alternative. They have the time, supplies, and skills to make sure that these tough-to-clean areas are effectively tackled.

Most of the joy and happiness in spring cleaning comes from finishing all the work and taking a look around. If you follow the above spring cleaning tips, spring cleaning will not feel like a chore and you will be able to get the work done faster and better.

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