8 Innovative Ways To Use Tiles In Your Home

8 Innovative Ways To Use Tiles In Your Home

Tiles for flooring and backsplashes? That was the concept of the 90s.


In the age of technology, tiles’ uses have extended beyond their traditional applications on floors and wet areas. In addition to their use in the home, office, commercial space, outdoor area, and many more, tiles have become an essential decor to enhance a space’s charm and functionality.

Whether renovating your whole home or changing a small space on a budget, tiles can make your place seem elegant and sophisticated.

Have a look at some creative ways to use porcelain and vitrified tiles in your home to enhance your abode’s majestic appeal!

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8 Creative Ways To Renovate Your Home With Tiles

Though tiles have been used for floors for centuries, the concept of tiling has changed for the better in recent years.

Say bye to the typical, dull, and boring ways and welcome the innovative and unusual modes of using tiles for home. 

Let us get you acquainted with some of the fun ways to amp up your space with mesmerizing tiles!

1.  A Classic Style Is Timeless

As the age-old saying goes- whenever in doubt, go with the traditional (in our case- classic) tiles to decorate your existing space.

Geometric patterns and basic yet bold colours are making an impactful comeback in an array of colours, designs, and shapes.

Restore the flavours of the past with the porcelain, ceramic or vitrified tiles to give an aesthetic yet sophisticated look to your home.

2. Get Creative With Patterns And Designs

Ditch those subway, square, hexagon, and basketweave tiles and forget all those whacky wallpapers and paint. Instead, take the fun road to add beauty, texture, and functionality to your walls and floors with the vitrified tiles’ marvellous collection!

A Tip: Geometric and retro- designs are making a comeback in 2022, and the right design can accentuate your home, be it a living room for a funky vibe or a bedroom for a serene atmosphere!

3. Make Your Kitchen Island Pretty Pretty!

Kitchen islands are a great addition to your kitchen, a space that is an integral part of your home. The island base is usually overlooked when people decorate the kitchen countertop with granite, marble, and vitrified tiles.

Using colourful and patterned porcelain or vitrified tiles is a great way to charm up your kitchen island. This can make your island the highlight of your kitchen.

4. Tiles For The Shower Area

Bathroom tiles are finally receiving their due attention in recent years. As these tiles are non-porous and slip-resistant, they make your shower area visually pleasing and highly functional and easy to clean and maintain.

You can add a dash of fun look with the graphic patterned bathroom tiles or lend it a classy look with elegant marble flooring. You can make your shower area look earthy with matte-finish tiles.

Cover the floors and walls of your bathroom with exquisite vitrified or porcelain tiles and create a warm ambience to bath and relax!

5. Don’t Forget The Staircase

Connect your home’s upper and lower levels with a well-designed and uniquely tiled staircase. A perfect area to add colour and joy to the atmosphere, carefully chosen stair riser tiles can highlight the steps while going up or coming down.

TIP: You can also use the leftover tiles from your renovation project to create unique stair designs. 

6. Turn The Heads With A Uniquely-tiled Headboard

If your bed has an old wooden headboard, it’s time to upgrade the look with tiles! Not only will it elevate your room, but it will also be easy to clean, unlike a wooden headboard. 

Unlike fabric or wooden headboards, tile headboards do not collect dust easily, making them a huge plus for creating a neat and beautiful theme for your personal space.

7. Tile up the ceiling

A few decades back, tiling the ceiling would have been considered an absurd idea. But now, tiling the ceiling has become a style statement. It can make your space feel spacious and luxurious, especially when the light bounces off the surface!

So, if you want to experiment and are up for a new adventure, try adding tiles to your ceiling!

8. Lend A Charming Touch To Your Home’s Exterior

Our final tip to use tiles creatively is for your outdoor space. You can recreate a classy look for your backyard and pool area. Or, theme-based tiling can work wonders too!

You can go with natural stones for an earthy look or create a bold statement with solid mosaic patterns. 

Whatever tiles you choose and however you design them, just keep in mind the flow of your home’s interior and exterior. Make sure the indoor and outdoor tiles complement the look and create a flawless glimpse of your personality.

Remember: For outdoor areas, the tiles’ functionality, slip resistance, and durability are as important as their appearance. Maintain the balance of the form and practicality for a successful tiling project.

Laying the final tile

These are some trending ways to use tiles for your home in 2022. With countless options available out there, select the right tiles, and start your tiling project with a dash of creativity and uniqueness to get that chic, trendy, yet completely functional look.

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