Achieve Privacy and Energy Efficiency with Plantation Shutters

Achieve Privacy and Energy Efficiency with Plantation Shutters

World-renowned for their timeless charm and grace, planting blinds are the best products available to cover your windows. But these interior blinds are worth your investment for more than their sleek, classic look, as they also add incredible privacy and energy efficiency to your home.

Effortlessly improving privacy

The problem with most other window coverings is that they don’t offer complete privacy. Curtains can be opened at inappropriate times with windows open, and blinds break and move too easily. Plantation shuttered windows never have problems like these, even in the strongest cross currents. They remain closed or open as desired and offer complete privacy when closed. You will never have to worry about a neighbor looking through the cracks in your window curtains because the shutters on the plantation shutters must close tightly and stay that way until you reopen them.

Excellent energy efficiency throughout the year.

Plantation shutters originally gained popularity in the courtyards of French King Louis XIV because they helped members of the royal family keep their homes air-conditioned in the sweltering summers and cold winters. They were transported to South American plantation houses before the war for the same reason, and that is why they must also decorate their home.

In summer, the plantation shutters allow you to let in light and air during the colder periods of the day. They also completely block the heat from the midday sun, keeping your home cooler. The reverse is true for winter: open the blinds in the midday sun to help heat your home, and close them for the rest of the day to reduce your heating bills.

Custom cut to perfectly fit your home

The reason plantation shutters work so well for privacy and energy efficiency is that they are tailored to perfectly fit your home. A professional plantation shutter company will always tailor each shutter you install to exactly match the customer’s home. This tight fit ensures that your windows are adequately covered to keep prying eyes out, as well as the heat and cold of the outside world to which they belong – outside your home.

When you buy your new plantation shutters, remember that it is worth the investment as they are able to simultaneously protect your privacy and reduce your energy bills year-round. These fabulous window coverings are worth every penny, especially compared to other boring options on the market.

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