Add Value to Your House by Refreshing Its Exterior

Add Value to Your House by Refreshing Its Exterior

When we speak of adding value to your real estate, most of the home improvements that come to your mind are interiors ones. Few homeowners think of their outdoor living space as something that can be improved to the point that it brings in an extra thousand dollars when the house goes on the market. Refreshing your house’s exterior is, therefore, an investment that will return a profit at some point in the future. outdoor living contractor design beautiful spaces for your whole family to enjoy. As far as specific outdoor home improvements are concerned, Correct Constructions comes to the play.

Dining in nature

Few people realize that their backyard is a piece of nature reserved solely for them. Unless they actually spend time outside, at least during summertime, then the garden goes to waste. The best way to use your outdoor space more is to transfer indoor activates outside.

For one, you can get a dining table and set it outside to east your meals surrounded by greenery. Your kids will love his move, a can get a good run-out right after the meal. Furthermore, you can create an outdoor kitchen to use in the summer. Whether you make flavored popcorn or prepare a barbecue is entirely up to you.

Introducing plant life

We hope that you have already created a garden in your backyard, at least in one of its corners. In fact, an outdoor living area is unimaginable without greenery, as plants form the very essence of how we understand the term “nature.”

If you’re not a green thumb, then choose landscaping over planting a vegetable organic garden that requires a lot of care. Introduce shrubbery, perennials, and blooming annuals all over the garden to create an exterior décor space. Don’t forget to connect all parts of the garden by building pathways using gravel or old tiles.

Adding a shade

If your backyard lacks a proper patio, then you can dine under the open sky only when the weather conditions are favorable. Once the first clouds appear on the horizon, you can pretty much give up on the planned family lunch. On the other hand, the strong sun in the summer is also something that will prevent you from using the outdoor living area to the fullest.

These are all reasons why you should get a shade sail like the ones Shade Solutions make. They are cheaper than building a patio but confer the same level of luxury. Furthermore, the cloth the sails are made from is durable so it can withstand a hailstorm without suffering any damage. A shade sail can cover any part of the backyard you like, from the dining table to the swimming pool.

Adding water features

An outdoor dining area will definitely influence the value of your home to some extent but the investment that will skyrocket the property price is a swimming pool. In general, any water feature you add to the backyard will increase the value of your home by at least several hundreds of dollars.

A swimming pool is ideal for those properties that have a great view. Imagine being able to sip champagne in your pool overlooking a mountainous landscape or an ocean bay. If you decide to add a shower, decorative thujas around the edge of the pool, and a glass fence, your swimming pool promises to add a four-digit figure to the final amount your home is appraised to.

Admirably, a pool is a huge investment but there are other, more affordable water features for your garden. For instance, a splash pad is ideal for children to play on in the summer. Nozzles shooting water high up in the air will keep your children occupied for a long time and they will become the coolest kids on the block. Finally, a fountain is always a sound investment because who wouldn’t like to relax outside to the calming sound of water.

Boosting the curb appeal of your house

While the back of your house is reserved for entertainment and leisure activities, the front yard is all about adding bling to it. Curb appeal is important because the front façade is the first thing prospective buyers see on your house. Making sure you leave a good first impression should be a top priority when renovating your property.

Firstly, you need to repaint the front door, as there is nothing more repulsive than paint chipping off a door. Apart from the front door, the front façade could benefit from a fresh coat of paint as well. After you’re done painting, replace the house number with a modern plaque that is illuminated at night. If you wish to go for stateliness, then put a brass locker to the front door.

Most of the exterior home improvements, with the exception of the swimming pool, aren’t too costly to install. A can of paint, a brush, and a few hours of man labor are enough to increase the market value of your home. Start by boosting your home’s curb appeal and then move to the backyard to add a water feature, a shade sail, and don’t forget to plant flowers across the garden.

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