Advantages of Using Timer Flooring

Advantages of Using Timer Flooring

One of the major problems that most of the homeowners face is that which flooring options can be selected- carpet or hardwood? Though there are various benefits of carpet flooring, the experts suggest you use timber flooring for their homes. As compared to any other flooring, timber floors can be long-lasting and maintenance is easy. Besides there are different types of timber flooring. During your house renovation projects if you are looking for a classic warm look for your house, then timber will be the right choice for you. You will find a wide range of hardwood in the market and you need to choose them according to your needs. The various options are as follows:

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Timber Flooring

Ironbark- This particular floor is sturdy, heavy and compact. The color varies from dark red, pale brown and chocolate brown.

  • Rose gum- The color varies between pink to reddish-brown. Durability is moderate.

  • Spotted Gum- This timber is strong and is dark brown in color.

Various benefits of timber flooring:

Timber flooring has various benefits – non-toxic, non-splitting, and requires very low maintenance. The durability power is excellent and is usually installed in commercial premises and sports academics. Here mentioned are some of the advantages of timber flooring.

Durability –

The basic advantage of a hardwood floor is that it lasts for a very long period of time. It usually lasts as long as the building lasts. If required, a good quality timber can be resurfaced as well. Unlike carpet flooring, hardwoods do not require any replacement. The carpet floor have to be replaced every 5 years for various reasons like pores, stains, etc.

Maintenance is easy –

The best thing about hardwood is that it helps in keeping the environment clean, hygienic and fresh. Unlike carpets; timber flooring does not retain stains and odors. However, you will just need a brush to wipe out all the dust. Also, the fresh smell of timber can help in bringing positive vibes inside your room. Cost-effective –

Majority of the homeowner prefer timber flooring because it is affordable and cost-effective. The timber floor enhances the look and value of your room. You will be able to earn more when you sell your house. Homes having engineered floors have a higher sale value than the others.

Hygienic and health-friendly option –

 Hardwood is considered as safe and hygienic as compared to carpet flooring. This is because unlike carpets, timber floors do not harbor any allergens or parasites. Carpet is not suitable for those who are prone to allergies and asthma. It can cause breathing problems, coughing and sneezing. Timber flooring is free from all such kinds of hazards and it saves time, money and also ensures maximum comfort.

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Classic appeal and environment-friendly-

A very important part of renovating or home building is interior decorating. As far as floor fashion is concerned, timber plays a very important role and upholds the charm and elegance of the room. Wood has a classy appearance and it is also environment-friendly. You get only limited options when decorating your floor with carpets. But in the case of wood, you can easily change the color or re-sand it

Therefore, if you are planning to renovate your home or build a new one, make sure you avail all the advantages of hardwood flooring. Timber floors are environment-friendly because it consumes less energy during production as compared to the other surfaces. You can take suggestions from a professional for more ideas about timber flooring or you can search online about more timber flooring ideas.

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