Are Roman Shades And Roman Shades The Same?

Are Roman Shades And Roman Shades The Same?

Roman Shades and Roman Blinds are two terms that are often used interchangeably. The type of window treatment called Roman shades is known for its soft draped appearance, but it is similar to blinds that open and close. Each fold of Roman shades is almost like a slat on the blind. As you open the curtains or blinds, each fabric fold rises up into the folds above and the result is a draped fabric that gives any room an elegant feel.

Roman shades are made of every type of fabric imaginable: cotton, silks, velvets, linen, grass-like fabrics. And they come in every possible color.

When you’re shopping for new window treatments or remodeling your home, consider making Roman shades a new part of your décor. Roman shades will give your home a clean-lined look, and this look has been successfully combined with many different decorating styles. The country-style homes have been updated with Roman shades to add an air of country sophistication to the windows. The Asian décor has been highlighted with jade green Roman shades. You can do the same in your home regardless of your decorating style: eclectic, contemporary, French country, even the style evident in many urban lofts: industrial chic.

Many of us tend to neglect window treatments in our kitchens. We believe that putting cheap curtains on kitchen windows is the norm and that is why we put the ruffled curtains in cafes. We rationalize it to ourselves, thinking that no one pays attention to them anyway. But the kitchen is the most used room in the house (besides the bathroom), so why not put your best “foot” in decorating and add Roman shades to your windows? If you have a rustic kitchen, perhaps a rooster red or lemon yellow fabric in classic Roman shades will give your windows the touch of class you’ve been looking for. If yours is an “eat-in” kitchen, having beautiful window shades adds to the calm and enjoy your family gets from their home-cooked meals.

When buying Roman blinds, you should consider buying the best you can afford because they are a significant investment for your home. Your windows say a lot about you, not only to visitors to your home but also to passersby. Nice shiny windows deserve better than those worn curtains you’ve had for far too long. If you can’t afford new Roman shades in every room in your home, try changing the window shades in one room at a time. Sit down and plan a budget and schedule for getting your windows fixed. You will probably find that you can afford to improve the look of your windows one room at a time, and in a few months, your entire home will look much better. Roman Shades will give your home the classic beauty it deserves, and you’ll smile every time you look out the window.

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