Are You Able to Use a Hot Tub in the Summer Months?

Are You Able to Use a Hot Tub in the Summer Months?

Your spa should be set to 80 degrees. The spa should be placed in the shade and with the wind blocked. There are many options for shade, including an umbrella. We sell spa umbrellas in our shop. You can also use a covered patio or tree. However, depending on whether there is a tree nearby, it may be difficult to manage the leaves and debris while you are in your hot tub. Tarps or canopies are other options. Your hot tub’s ability to maintain or get to the desired temperature will depend on the ambient temperature. It will be easier for hot tubs to keep warm during the summer and may go higher than we would prefer.

To keep your hot tub at the desired temperature, set the temperature at 80 degrees. We have also recommended to our customers that you place a towel underneath the hot tub cover. This will allow air to escape, similar to a thermal coffee cup holder. Just like the hot water, the steam from hot coffee will leak out.

It also matters when you use your hot tub. Good news is that your hot tub’s temperature does not stay the same throughout the day. Mornings are the best time for a good soak. Just before bed is another great time. It is not the best time to get into your spa when the heat is at its peak in the afternoon around 3pm.

We look forward to the fall months, when the temperatures will cool down and we can once again enjoy the crisp autumn air. Enjoy your hot tub year round, as we soon enter the fall season. You just need to know when you should use your spa. Make sure to have some shade in your backyard and to set the temperature at its lowest setting.

What Temperature Should a Hot Tub Be At?

Although it may seem obvious, tub owners often have difficulty understanding the question. The majority of hot tub control systems allow for a maximum temperature of 40oC. Froze protection kicks in when water drops below 6.7oC. This activates the pumps and blowers that prevent water from freezing. These are just the limits that your hot tub can reach. It is up to you to choose what temperature you prefer.

Some people love it hot Tub!

For safety reasons, a hot tub should not exceed 40oC. Hot tubers may prefer to soak in 40o of water. However, after an hour or two of use, on a cold night, it will drop to 37.5o.

Over the years, we have observed that hotter temperatures are preferred by women. This is because it is easier to get into the hot tub than to use the 40o C.

What about a small pool?

If it is too hot in the summer, and you don’t want to soak in 38oC water, then turn the temperature down. You don’t have to use it as a hot tub. It will work perfectly as long as it is kept clean and well maintained. You are not only enjoying the coolness of your spa, but you’re also saving money on heating!

Health Tips:

If you are unsure whether hot water could cause you harm, it is important that you consult your doctor. Hot water can cause harm to the fetes, so pregnant women should not use it. People with high blood pressure or heart disease should avoid hot tubs at higher temperatures. Read For More

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