Beginner’s Guide to Building a Pergola with a 6×6 Gazebo!

Beginner’s Guide to Building a Pergola with a 6×6 Gazebo!

According to HomeGuides by SF Gate, a well-landscaped house has a significant price advantage than a house without curb appeal. Depending on the level of landscaping, this ranges from 5.5 percent to 12.7 percent translating somewhere in between $16,500 to $38,000 in a property valued at $300,000.

However, there’s more to landscaping than just potted plants and shrubbery. Present day buyers are searching for manicured designs with cool, comfortable spaces to relax and enjoy summertime. Pergolas, with their rustic appeal, are all time classic additions to gardens and backyard remodelling projects.

Inspired by the Italian Renaissance masonry, Pergolas comprise of four beams with an optional roof. These can be kept open or have closed sides to provide protection against elements. Most pergolas have two or four open sides.


Pergolas are mostly made of wood, aluminium, or steel; however, present-day homeowners prefer to use an outdoor marquee such as a 6×6 pop-up gazebo as a pergola. This shift from permanent to temporary shade solutions was inspired by two factors:

  1. Temporary structures offer greater flexibility. Perhaps you have limited space or you need a pergola for just during summers. In both these cases, an outdoor marquee would be perfect, since it can be set up on a need-to-need basis.
  2. Unlike permanent structures, marquees and gazebos are portable. So, if you’re relocating or remodelling your lawn, you can dismantle your canopy until the space is ready to be used again.

Plus, temporary pergolas can be jazzed up with flooring, walls, and other accessories, making them all the more desirable for DIYers.

Pro tip: Temporary outdoor shelters almost always require local permits concerning their safety and set up. Consult your area’s local council for more details.

If setting up a pergola is one of your home remodel goals, we suggest Classic Summit marquees from our store. Our Classic Summit 6×6 marquee is perfect for all recreational, professional, and commercial events.

Features of our 6×6 gazebo:

  1. Unparalleled reliability and strength
  2. Robust design and sturdy construction
  3. High-quality canopy fabric made of 100% PVC or PVC coated polyester.

Hooked? Let’s now learn how to create a pergola with a 6×6 gazebo!

Step 1: Decide what kind marquee to buy

Size is extremely important factor to consider. Take note of how big your space is, and how many people are going to attend your event. This will help you zero in on the right size of your marquee.

Next, make sure that the marquee’s colour really complements the exterior of your house. Our Classic Summit range is available is up to 10 vibrant colours including white, red, blue, green, yellow, and black. You can also get it custom printed if you want some kind of artwork such as your business’ branding on the fabric. We use high-quality digital printers and fade-resistant inks over imported fabric to create a near-perfect replica of your branding.

Decide what kind marquee

Step 2: Finalise the event space

Clear the venue space to get rid of shrubs, plants, and grass. You can get wooden flooring to accentuate the appearance or trim the grass near-perfectly for a well-landscaped finish. Then, carry your 6×6 gazebo to the event space. Your marquee comes with wheels, so be mindful of not moving the marquee with its protective cover on.

Set the marquee brakes in off position, after you reach the setup space.

Step 3: Setting up the frame

Open the marquee frame slightly by grabbing one leg and pulling it in one direction. Don’t push or add sudden jerks. This might damage the frame.

Extend the frame up to three-fourth of its overall capacity and put the brakes in on position. It’s now time to add roof to your pergola marquee.

Step 4: Adding the roof

Position the canopy on the roof gently. Do not tug or pull down the roof harshly. This might tear the fabric. Now, fit the roof by connecting the Velcro around the frame at the top. Secure the roof cap by aligning the roof top to the centre of the pole. Pull the strings of your roof (if any), until they tighten.

Step 5: Unfurling the complete marquee

Set the brakes to off position and grab the truss bars. Walk backwards and open the remaining one-fourth of the frame. Lift the roof connectors until the pins lock into position. Work your way from inner to corner legs.

Step 6: Securing the roof

Loop straps around the frame and lock the clip to secure the roof. To raise your outdoor marquee to the desired level, extend the front legs half-way, and then repeat for back and middle legs. Once done, repeat the previous exercise to extend the front, back, and middle legs to full-height. Add the centre leg and expand completely.

Step 7: Securing the 6×6 marquee

It’s now time to secure your freshly erected marquee. Add tie-down straps, sandbags, steel pins, or weight steel plates, and anchor marquee in position.

Step 8: Dismantling your marquee

After the event is over, follow these steps in reverse order to pack down your marquee. Voila, your new marquee is ready to be used as a pergola!

Marquee decoration tips

Here are some funky tips to up the ante of your pergola marquee:

  1. Add hanging decorations

Add large, colourful flowers to create unique, unusual, and rustic ceiling ornamentation. You can suspend these at varying heights to create a truly surreal effect.

  1. Light up the interiors

Lighting plays a critical role in uplifting the ambiance. You can add atmosphere with lovely fairy lights, string lights, fancy chandeliers, and maybe a couple of candles.

  1. Furnish for a cosy vibe

Add patio furniture, curtains, rugs, and throw pillows to create a comfortable and snug outdoor space. You can also add music systems to really amp up your party.


And there you go – with such a bewitching pergola smack in the middle of your garden, your property will receive a lot of attention. And as always, the Extreme Team is at your disposal should you require us. Browse our other products online or reach us at 1300 850 832 to place your order.

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