Benefits of Downsizing your Home

Benefits of Downsizing your Home

People sometimes tend to think that moving into a bigger home and living a more luxurious lifestyle will bring them happiness. Well, to set the record straight, this is not necessarily true. In reality, most of us at one point in our lives have a need for downsizing our home. We will all get older at some point and feel the need to retire, our children will have their own families and so there will be no need for a big family home. Downsizing your home has many benefits, and can be a great way to live your retirement in comfort. Also if you and your family have decided to cut costs and live a healthier life with less stress and possessions, then don’t hesitate but downsize. 


We all know the truth. The bigger the house you live in, the bigger the mortgage. So why not buy a smaller house? When you decide to buy a smaller house you will be rewarded with a smaller mortgage. Housing usually takes about 28% of your income and if you reduce this to 15% that means you can really save some money and pay your depths easier.


A big home requires a lot of maintenance like vacuuming, mopping, dusting, painting and repairing. Also, a smaller lawn also requires less mowing. A small house requires a lot less work and it will cut down your expenses. A person with less work around the house, in general, has more time to pursue hobbies and will enjoy more freedom. So if you love your hobbies and love the taste of freedom and less financial stress then a smaller house is the thing for you.

How to downsize

If you have decided that you have too much space and your home is too big and you are ready to sell your home then start planning ahead. The first thing you should do is to hire some expert agents to help you sell your home. If you have things like furniture and other belongings that you want to get rid of or sell them, companies like The Junkman will help you get them off your hands and also help you with your relocation. When you make this kind of decision it is important to think long term. Think carefully if you will have enough space, for example, your new business, or will you have enough room for your children or too much when they are off to college. It’s all your decision so don’t rush and downsize the smart way.

Mental health

People who live in big houses and possess a lot of items that are valuable tend to develop a lot of stress. They are in a constant need of protecting them and fear of theft and not to mention the fear of breaking or misusing the things they worked so hard for. Having too many belongings has proven itself a not so healthy way of life. People spend too much energy worrying about their belongings and due to the attachment to them they get locked down and have to work when they don’t want to. It is recommended to live lean and be grateful for things that you already have.


Living in a smaller home with fewer things can really boost your efficiency. When you have fewer items in a smaller place and they have an exact place where they are, this can maximize efficiency, speed, and simplicity. For example, if you a minimum number of dishes you will always have to be efficient at washing and drying them in order to keep kitchen hygiene. Same goes for towels and clothes. In general, having less things and keeping the ones you really need can keep you more organized and efficient.

Downsize to an RV

If you’re the adventurous type and like to travel then maybe an RV home is the thing for you. This kind of life can bring you lots of flexibility. You can always visit family and friends and will always find your destinations to visit. A great thing is if you’re a pet lover or you have plants you can always bring them along and don’t have to worry about pet sitting or watering. So if you like long drives, beautiful landscapes and the feeling of freedom and adventure, try an RV.

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