The Best Guide To TV Mounting Tips And Tricks To Get It Done In The Correct Manner

The Best Guide To TV Mounting Tips And Tricks To Get It Done In The Correct Manner

TV mounting techniques differ based on the size of the TV and the space available. Different types of mounting techniques are used based on the type of walls and studs used. If the walls are made of plasterboard, wood, brick and concrete then, the studs can be wooden or metallic. But this task should be done carefully, and certain things should be kept in your mind.

TV Mounting Melbourne

TV Mounting

Things to consider before mounting your TV

#1. Location:

Determining the location is by far the most important factor before proceeding with the task of TV mounting. In this case, you need to consider the following factors:

What should be the optimal distance:

Whether you are mounting the TV in your drawing room or bedroom there should be an optimum distance between you and the TV. It will not only give you clear picture to enjoy but also reduce the stress on your eyes.

Viewing angle:

The viewing angle is a highly important factor. If there is too much viewing angle between your eyes and the TV screen you may not be able to enjoy the 4k ultra HD picture quality of your TV.

  • Location of doors and windows and tube lights.

The location of doors, windows and tube lights also matter because if there is too much sunlight coming from the doors and windows during the afternoon and tube light reflection during the evening and night time and falling on your TV screen what’s the point of spending so much buying a 4k ultra HD TV?

TV Mounting Melbourne

TV Mounting

#2. Load-bearing walls:

You will be needing studs for TV mounting. Also, the type of wall on which the TV has to be mounted should be taken into consideration. You would not want a 55-inch TV with metallic studs fitted on a wooden wall. Take the help of a professional if needed.

#3. Using proper types of equipment:

Unless you want to experiment with you TV falling on the floor and testing it consider having the right equipment. Drilling machines, proper drill bit size, screwdrivers, and a stud finder. It is recommended that you hire a TV installation company for this.

#4. Other complementary systems:

Only TV mounting is not enough. Most of us have entertainment systems like media players, game consoles, smart home assistant etc. You should have space for these systems close to your TV and their cable lengths for connecting to TV ports should be measured as well. Also, consider having a shelf at the bottom of your TV so that you can keep remote control for TV and entertainment systems.

#5. Make the cords concealed:

If you have bought a 4k ultra HD TV and fitted it on your newly painted walls the hanging cords that reach the power socket may ruin all the beauty. Conceal all the wires to make the entire setting look more beautiful. Also, you may consider having a socket behind the TV also but obviously that decision has to be made before mounting the TV.

If you are going to appoint a TV installation company for your TV mounting be sure to check on some important things like-

  • Will they only mount the TV, or do they also provide services for unpacking, mounting, connecting entertainment systems and remove installation debris.
  • Are there any other expenses based on mounting procedures, size of TV?
  • What other service do they offer like concealment of cables? Do they charge for these services?
  • Do they offer a guarantee on their services? Which services are guaranteed? Does it offer a lifetime guarantee or for a fixed term?
  • Do they offer customer support post-installation?

Buying an expensive TV with modern features is half the job done. If you really want to enjoy watching your TV, mounting it in the right place is important too.

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