Best Indoor Plants for Summer

Best Indoor Plants for Summer

Plants are known to alter the temperature significantly, thereby making them one of the cheapest and most viable options for your living space. As photosynthesis takes place, plants give off water vapour through respiration and, thereby, are known to lower the temperature. And the fact holds true for larger-scale also. If we look at the effect of deforestation on Earth, there are endless data and visual examples of climate change, desertification, increased greenhouse gases, and what not leading to bad temperatures and unpredictable climates.

Well, plants play tremendous roles in our lives; most of them often go unrecognized. However, this summer, you can trust them to bring you some peace from the heatwave. If air conditioners and fans fail to do enough, you can pot these indoor plants that are sure to keep your house cool. Extra points to them for amping up your decor! Take the guide:

Rubber Plant

The rule is simple. The more foliage your indoor plant has, the better it is at the job of giving moisture in the air. The same rule applies to plants with larger leaves. Rubber plants, for that matter, release moisture from the pores at the underside of the leaves. This makes the environment cool due to the continuous process of evaporation.


You can give your house an aesthetic look with indoor Palms like Areca palm, Fishtail palm, etc. Besides, the larger leaves of the palm help cool down the temperature and regulate the air contaminants. You can mist them weekly to improve humidity.

Snake Plant

Snake plant or Mother In Law’s Tongue is one of the eye-catching plants that give off oxygen, which is helpful in keeping the temperature down during nighttime. The plant also has a high water content that proves beneficial for summer temperatures.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is also called Miracle Plant. During summers, aloe vera can be your best friend not only because of its high water retention capacity, leading to cooler indoors but also because of the skin benefits it rewards you with. You can simply apply aloe vera pulp onto your face for relief from sunburn and sun damage. It will leave you with a lingering cooling effect.

Money Plant

There are, essentially, two types of money plants that you can bring home this summer. First, Jade plant; second, Money Tree. They are easy to maintain plants that you can place in water, and it will absorb heat from the atmosphere and give off moisture.

Weeping Fig

Weeping fig is another addition to your indoors for some relief during summer. The plant replenishes moisture in the air due to its high transpiration rate. You may opt for an arrangement that is lush and dense for a significant effect.

All the plants require partial shade and indirect light. So, avoid exposing them to direct sun. With summers round the corner, switch to these summer-friendly indoor plants as they are environment-friendly and will do the trick in the most cost-effective way. You can additionally incorporate red flowers, yellow flowers, and many more for cool and refreshing vibes.

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