Bond Cleaning Morningside

Bond Cleaning Morningside

Bond Cleaning is a part of a tenant’s life which cannot be avoided at any cost. Failing to restore the rental property to the exact same condition as it was provided comes with various drawbacks.


Nobody wants to land into a dispute at least not with a property manager or real estate agent at the end of the tenancy period. There are few things you need to sure about if you do not want to land into a dispute and want to sail smoothly at the end of your lease.

You should read the tenancy agreement carefully while signing it. The agreement contains all the precise detail about the tenancy and the property. It will also include details related to what you are expected to return clean and what will be things you shall not be responsible for such as general wear and tear. You should read your complete bond agreement carefully before signing like you always do with other legal documents.

Apart from booking a cleaning service for your rental property at the end of your lease, you should look out for what your real estate expects from you with bond cleaning. Below we will discuss a few points which will give you a clearer picture in your mind about how to live up to your real estate agent’s expectations with Bond Cleaning Morningside.

High Traffic Areas:-

You should always give some special attention to the high traffic areas that are more likely to catch dirt and dust. These areas have more moment then the other areas of the house that is why they are called high traffic areas. Finding a thinking layer of dust and debris is common in high traffic areas but you should tackle them out before they eat your bond money.

Window Tracks And Shower Screen:-

You should make sure that the windows and the shower screen are free from any streak marks and build-up. These are one of those areas your real estate agent or property manager will notice first while doing an exit inspection at the end of your lease. You should check these areas before your property manager or real estate agent comes to inspect the property after the Bond Clean Morningside services have been delivered.

Dust-Free Lights And Fans:-

Stay at the property and do an inspection by yourself when the cleaners are still present at the property. You might not notice but light fixtures and fans can catch a lot of dust with time and changing weather. Make sure that the light fixtures and the fans are free from any dust and dirt. These are one of those things your real estate agent will notice as a first thing.

Oven,  Cooktop And Rangehood:-

After your kitchen has been cleaned, take a look and make sure that your oven, rangehood and cooktop are free from any grease. These are the areas that catch a lot of smoke and oil stains from cooking. These are the areas that require some extra attention while cleaning the kitchen. There must be no grease or food crumbs left in these areas as it may lead to a problem and your property manager will be able to deduct your bond money.

Cupboards And Drawers:-

Stay at the property while the job is being organized and make sure that the Bond Cleaners Morningside clean all of your drawers and cupboards from the inside and from the outside as well. If the cleaners left any of them by mistake then it will become a headache for you. Your property manager can make a fuzz for this one and deduct your bond money as well.


Always keep in a note if you found any damage on the property during you moved into the property so that nobody can hold you responsible for what you didn’t do. Also, keep in mind that is there’s any damage at the property that occurred during your tenancy period then you should fix it before the exit inspection takes place or else prepare for the consequences. If by any chance you forgot to repair that area then your property manager can make a fuss about it and deduct your bond money at the end.

External Areas

Most people get so much occupied by things at the end of the lease that they almost forget about doing the externals of the property. Mostly cleaning service providers do not cover any external areas in their professional cleaning services. So, you should that you do your lawn, back yard and patio or deck yourself or book a service for the same to save time.

As a conclusion, you should do some research and avoid any mistakes tenants usually make at the end of the leasewhile organizing bond cleaning Morningside at their rental property. For more detailed information about Bathroom Vinyl Wraps visit our website.

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