How to Change a Door Lock Set

How to Change a Door Lock Set

Even if you are already a handyman, the vocabulary used in locksmithing is not always easy to understand. Before buying a new lock and changing the one on your door, you should know the jargon used to understand the mechanism. Then you will know How to change a door lock set without making mistakes.

How does a door lock set works?

A lock consists of a cylinder, also called a barrel, which passes through the door. The hole in which you insert the key is called the rotor. The latter is movable while the stator, in which the rotor turns, is fixed.

When you turn the key in the lock, it activates the bit, also called a gear. This gear, by rotating, causes the lock to be locked or unlocked. The latter is also composed of a bolt, a moving part that enters and leaves the strike (metal part) to open and close a door without locking it with a key. The mechanism of the lock is hidden by a plate, which also makes the lock more aesthetic.

The different types of locks

There are many models of door locks. They can be classified into two categories:

  • on one side, exposed bolts, called surface locks, placed on a
  • built-in door locks that are hidden inside the door.

The second one’s installation is a little more complicated than that of exposed locks, but they are much more aesthetic.

The locks are then classified according to their closing system and, in particular, their number of anchoring points in the door, which defines their level of security. Multipoint locks (most often 3, but also 5, 6, or 7) are the most resistant to burglary attempts, and it is these models that are used for most entry doors.

Finally, locks can be opened and closed in different ways: using a key (mechanical lock), a code, or an electrical card, either magnetic or electronic chip. With new technologies, new types of locks appear, including those that open with the fingerprint of the owner of the premises.

How to change a door lock set: The steps to replace a door lock

Choose the right lock

The choice of a lock is based on many criteria because not all locks fit all doors. You must first respect the dimensions of your current lock, as well as those of the elements that compose it.

The thickness, material, and direction of opening of your door, as well as the location reserved for the lock, must also be taken into account to make the right choice of clasp. Finally, you must choose the desired degree of security or compliance with the standards required by your insurance.

The hardware needed to change a lock

You need to have a few DIY bases to be able to replace the lock on a door easily and be provided with the right equipment. The latter depends on the type of lock you want to install, but you still need a screwdriver, screws, a pencil, a drill, and a wood pulp if your lock does not have the same dimensions as the ‘Ancient.

Replace your front door lock step by step

By following these few steps carefully and after having verified that your new lock works perfectly before installing it, you will have the assurance of changing the locking system of your door without problems.

Transforming a wall lock:

This type of clasp is the easiest to disassemble and install since it is a box screwed onto the front door. To remove, unscrew the door handle, the lock housing, the plate, the headrest – i.e., The visible side of the lock intended for fixing the mechanism in the edge of the door – and the waste.

Then position the housing of the new lock on the inside of the front door and locate the locations of the fixing screws with a pencil. Make holes using a drill at these locations and screw the lock case. It then remains to embed the keeper and to screw the headrest in line with the lock. Your installation will be complete when you have screwed the cleanliness plates and the handles of the door.

Changing a mortise lock:

To replace a mortise lock, you must change the old cylinder. To do this, unscrew the headrest, then insert your key into the lock by turning it gently while gently pulling the cylinder towards you. To completely extract it, align the bit.

To install the cylinder of your new lock, start by aligning the bit with your new key and then insert the cylinder. Before screwing the headrest back on, remember to check that your lock is working properly.

Change a door lockset, when and why?

Changing the door lock, there are many situations in which a person may consider that it is necessary to change the door lock of the home or office. It is always best, before making this drastic determination, to consult with a professional locksmith company.

One of the most frequent reasons for requesting a lock change is because it has been recently robbed, and it is not known who it could have been. In these cases, before continuing to put the house into play, it is best to change the entire lock. It will ensure the house with greater security than it was previously.

Another of the situations in which a lock change can be requested is since a flat has been rented, and it is not known who was previously there. It is a pervasive case, the fact that the previous tenant or close people can have the key to the home and enter at the least expected time.

Here, the change of key is no longer worth, as is often believed, but you must change the entire lock. The choice again of which will be the best lock will depend on all cases on the budget you have since the budget difference varies depending on the type of lock to choose.

Following the same concept of arriving at a new home, if we have bought a flat and it has just been delivered to us, there is no doubt that this is the time to change the lock completely. It does not matter if it is about buying a new floor or an old floor.


In the case of new stories, what happens on many occasions is that during construction, a master key is created, to enter all floors. It allows the construction process much more straightforward for professionals.

It is also valid to change the lock for any occasion. Hopefully, now you know how to change a door lock set effectively.

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