Tips and Tricks to Choose the Curtains That Best Suit Your Living Room

Tips and Tricks to Choose the Curtains That Best Suit Your Living Room

Does it make you a mountain just thinking about choosing the curtains for the living room? With these keys, you will succeed for sure. And if you still have doubts, take a look at our gallery… and get inspired from Saaria!

1. Look at the Windows to Choose the Curtains for the Living Room

Colour, pattern, type of support… These are important aspects when choosing the curtains for your living room. But the main thing before deciding is that you look at your windows. Not only to get the measurements of the curtains right, but also to choose the type of fabric based on the light they receive. North-facing windows have less light than south-facing ones. Keep that in mind.

2. Calculate the Perfect Measurements

To calculate the amount of fabric needed for the curtains in your living room, you must multiply the size of the hole to be covered by 2 or 2.5 – and even by 3, in the case of the finest curtains –. It will also depend on whether you want a more ruched or more linear effect. This in regards to the width.

3. The Curtains in the Living Room Must Drag

If you want the curtains in your living room to stand out, the fabric to look nice, and the atmosphere more elegant, be generous with the length, like here. Ideally, the curtains should rest on the floor. The fabric must measure at least 35 cm more than the ready drop of the curtain (to be able to make the top fastening and the hem). And, if you want them to drag, add another 15 cm. These are from Tapisseria Teixidó.

4. Look for a Resistant and Easy-to-Wash Fabric

When purchasing the fabric for the curtains, you should make sure that it lets light in, of course, but also that it has an anti-pilling treatment in its composition, which means that it does not pill, and it is also fire retardant.

5. Linen Is Always a Good Choice

Linen is a classic among curtain fabrics due to its good drape and its natural appearance due to the unevenness of its threads. Choose it with a mixture, so it will wrinkle less and you can wash the curtains at home without shrinking.

6. Silk Curtains in the Living Room

Its shiny finish and its reflections create romantic and sophisticated environments, however, silk is delicate in direct sunlight. For the curtains to fall better, line them with a bit of fleece.

7. Another Option Is Tulle or Organza Curtains

Flowing fabrics – muslin, voile, tulle, organza…– and open-weave fabrics, such as cotton and linen, filter the light – which arrives pleasantly filtered – and let the views through, as here. Sofas made by Cusó Tapicers.

8. Hit the Color of the Curtains in the Living Room

Choose the color of the curtains in your living room taking into account the rest of the decoration. The tone you choose for the wall, as well as the upholstery fabrics, cushions, or screens, will determine the predominant range and the ideal tone for the curtains. You know the curtains of neutral colors never fail.

9. Plain Curtains Are Lighter and Timeless

Plain or patterned curtains? That is another dilemma that you will have to answer in your living room. The good thing about plain curtains is that they are timeless and much lighter than patterned ones. At El Mueble we like light curtains, of course, because they let light through. If you choose them in the same color as the walls they blend in with them and if they are slightly lighter or darker they will have a little more prominence. You know, curtains and blinds are a perfect match.

10. Patterned Curtains Yes, but Better If They Are Clear

Opting for patterned curtains can also look great in your living room. Floral motifs are a good choice if you have a room large enough and with lots of light so that the curtains do not ‘eat up’ the space or light. Ideally, you should opt for a woven fabric with a light base, like this one. These 15 patterned curtains are very El Mueble.

11. Large Windows, Double Curtain

It is a very comfortable option, and at the same time very decorative, to regulate the entry of light without giving up privacy. Reserve the lightest, fluffiest fabric as the base and top them off with tie-backs, like here, for an elegant theatrical effect.

12. Curtain and Blind Another Great Choice in the Living Room

The combination of curtain and blind in the living room is another very decorative alternative. You can leave the curtains to the sides and regulate the entry of light with the blind during the day and only use the curtains at night. Choose them in the same tone and it will look great on you.

13. Reversible and with Clamps, a Classic Bet

Yes or yes, you will reinforce the classic aesthetics of your living room. Reserve the patterned or more extreme fabric for the reverse, so when picking them up with the clamp, the visual contrast will be greater. Gastón and Daniela curtains.

14. You Can Customize the Curtains in the Living Room

As? Complete them with a headline. If you choose the same fabric, but want to accentuate its effect, like here, finish them off with a trim in another color. Another common option is to add a skirt at the bottom. If it is made of a heavier fabric, it will give your curtains more presence.

15. Rods to Hang Your Curtains

Rods are the simplest option for hanging curtains that can be moved with rings or loops. The other system is the rails. If you opt for bars you can customize their ends with some decorative finials. Choose them in line with the decoration of the room.

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