How To Compare Geyser & Water Heater Before Buying a New One?

How To Compare Geyser & Water Heater Before Buying a New One?

A geyser or water heater is an important device for every household. This specific device is used for heating water for various uses like drinking as well as domestic usage. Some people think that geyser and water heater are both different appliances. Let’s find out the difference between a geyser and a water heater.

How geyser useful for households? 

Electric geysers can be used for personal purposes in a household and in larger buildings that serve as workplaces. In addition, it is possible to combine several devices for a single purpose, in order to have a constant supply of hot water in large quantities.

Then electric geysers can be distinguished according to the principle or working pattern of their work – there are more economical devices that meet modern requirements and produce enough energy or power without wasting a lot of resources.

Water heater refers to a system used to heat water. These water heaters can be either electric or fuel operated.

Water heater refers to a system used to heat water. Water heaters are widely used in winter, in households, or in the workplace. Water is such an important factor in our life that we cannot imagine this life without it.

However, in winter the water temperature goes down and it is quite cold even to the touch. Warm or hot water must be used in winter (Dec-Feb). Other devices such as a water immersion heater, kettle, solar water heating system, etc. can be used to heat the water. All of these devices come under the water heater category because they use a source of energy to heat the water.

Why should you use geyser?      

Nowadays, In India, most houses are equipped with a water heater. These water heaters can be electric or fuel operated. You can also heat water in kettles, pots, etc. if you don’t want a lot of water. Water heaters must be handled properly as there is a risk of explosion. Large water heaters have a safety valve as a precaution. Electric geyser is the device or appliances that are used to heat water. Of course, every household needs such a device, because nowadays you can hardly live without hot water. Water heating is said to be a rather expensive service today due to the energy crisis that is getting more serious day by day.

There are geysers of various types, differing in size and technicians use various resources to produce energy. The most common geysers are electric and gaseous. Of course, it is more sensible to use electric geysers rather than Gas geyser as the majority of countries feels a shortage of gas, which is quite expensive today. Electric geysers use electricity or need high power to heat water and are similar to a small or medium-sized reservoir that works on the principle of a kettle.

However, it is more convenient and safer than a kettle because you can easily control the temperature and reduce energy consumption, turning the device on and off as needed.

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