Concoction of Modern with Traditional Interior Designing

Concoction of Modern with Traditional Interior Designing

Planning to move-in with your partner? Well, if you are dreaming about a bed full of roses or a modern sofa set for that matter then hold your thoughts because you first need to decide on the kind of bedroom space to agree upon. Couples usually struggle with how to combine their design styles. We often come across couples asking about how to merge their respective style opinions into one look or what to do when each partner is looking for something totally different. One such war which is extremely common is to choose between modern or contemporary design vs. traditional or classic design.

Brewing traditional and contemporary designs is quite complex as both styles of designing are at vertically opposite.As they say, opposites attract, you too can create quite a beautiful, comfortable home with the amalgamation of traditional and modern design sensibilities. It is imperative to understand both segments in order to combine them in a perfect blend.

Traditional Interior Design

Traditional design often refers to older Americana styles of Colonial and Craftsman and with rise in popularity, designers have also been pulling inspiration from British design.

They tend to feature dark wood furnishings with minimal as well as detailed ornamentation. Patterned and leather upholstery, wallpapered walls, slipcovered sofas, and finishing details like wainscotting and crown molding are the most common styling elements. The color palette ranges from blue and white to saturated and earthy colors basis Colonial or British take. Brass being the most common metal finish owing to its beautiful patina taking an antique vibe.

Modern Interior Design

Modern aesthetic style is inspired by mid-20th-century and combines natural wood with bold colors. Such furniture tends to have clean lines and natural shapes with a minimalistic approach. You can try mixing it with various furniture styles in your bedroom sets or modern sofa set.

Colors in these spaces tend to be bold, often with the use of primary and secondary colors. Geometric and graphic patterns are also common in these spaces. Wood tones can be choice based. With Chrome being the most common metal finish. For upholstery, leather, tweed, and vinyl are the most common fabrics used across.

Overall, Mid-Century interiors are comfortable and focus on visual relaxation.

Combining Traditional and Modern Elements

Comfort and relaxation is a priority in both of these styles. So, as a couple, you can create a home that feels comfortable, and is a space where you can relax and unwind.

1. Opt for Modern Base Furniture

When mixing interior design styles, one style is always going to be slightly more dominant and between modern and traditional, modern is easier to have as a base because of its cleaner lines. And, traditional pieces are easier to sprinkle in as accents. This mixing of elements gives a very dynamic look to your space so include modern sofa set with a twist of traditional rug. So include modern furniture with traditional twist like shown in the above picture which is a beautiful set from furniture store in Brampton.

2. Enhance the accents with Traditional Hues

The accent pieces you opt for in your space can totally shift the vibe from modern to traditional.Just as a Fireplace, a vintage rug would feel traditional whereas a bold modern rug will give a different feel altogether when paired with the right bedroom set.

3. Modern Take on Traditional Silhouettes

For a traditional-first approach, find base furniture with traditional silhouettes—but with a modern twist as this will give you a great balance.

4. Set the Tone with Splash of Colors

To Combinea neutral and modern color scheme with your traditional furniture pieces one way. However to pair an earthy and warm palette of colors with modern-lined, neutral furniture is another way to blend these styles into one space.

5. Mix Finishes and Materials

Mixing materials is another great way to merge traditional and contemporary styles together. Textural fabrics like tweed can easily be used to tie together both styles.

6. Scale the Traditional Architecture

In a home with traditional design elements, be sure to highlight any architectural details while giving them a modern twist with furniture styles and the layout of the space.

7. Play with Symmetry

Symmetry for the lack of a better word is the layout of your structure whereas styling is a knob to control the texture. Now it depends on you if you want to focus more on modern or traditional style.

To summarize, there are multiple ways with which one can combine modern and traditional design styles into one space. It completely depends on you and your partner to decide what matches with your style. What soothes you mind and what you seek when you come back home.

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