Does Shower Water Go Into The Septic Tank?

Does Shower Water Go Into The Septic Tank?

If your home has a septic tank, you probably have wondered about what all goes into it. The main purpose of the septic tank is to accumulate all the wastewater water coming from the toilets, showers, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and washing machines to be treated. Inside the septic tank, heavy solids get separated from the liquid. The liquid part of wastewater is sent to the drain field where the natural filtering system of the soil treats it. But, the solids in the tank need to be pumped out before they reach the level that they block the pipe which sends the liquid part to the drain field. If you don’t schedule service for septic pumping in Roseville, your septic tank will fail eventually.

Where does shower water go?

When you take showers, the shower water goes inside the shower drain. Once it gets there, it gets merged with wastewater from sinks, laundry, and toilets. This wastewater then goes to a septic tank if you have one, or a wastewater treatment plant.

If it ended up going into the septic tank, it stays there for treatment.

  • Solids will settle at the bottom of the septic tank where they will be decomposed by microorganisms, while the liquids will go into the drain field.
  • The drain field will allow the effluent to seep into the ground where it will naturally be treated by soil. Soil has a filtration system that will let the clean water seep into the ground and goes back into the environment.

In case, it goes to the sewage treatment plant, it will be treated or cleaned by using chemicals and machines. After it gets cleaned, it is sent into the environment.

All the drains that are located in your house are connected to the main pipe. From here, this pipe sends all this wastewater to either a sewage treatment plant or a septic tank.

Why Maintain Your Septic tank System?

  • To prevent clogs in the pipes that reach to drain field, regular septic pumping is important. If this pipe gets clogged, you may need to use advanced clog-removal methods such as Hydro-jetting in Sacramento.
  • Lack of maintenance can cause the septic tank to fail. Septic tanks repairs can cost you a lot of money. Regular preventative maintenance is better than paying for replacing the entire septic tank.
  • Septic tank failure impacts the environment negatively. If your septic tank has failed, the wastewater that has not been treated properly will go into the environment. Exposure to this untreated wastewater can cause various health risks to people around. This poorly treated water can also make the ground water contaminated.
  • All grease, fats, solids, oils, and other waste are stored in the septic tank. Excess grease builup can cause damage to your septic tank. Too much of it can block the way of wastewater to the drain field. Making sure a lesser amount of grease ends up in the septic tank can help prevent clogs in the pipe that sends liquid wastewater to the drain field for treatment. Always hire grease trap service in Roseville regularly to ensure the grease is taken care of.

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