Easy Guide To Modular Kitchen Designs

Easy Guide To Modular Kitchen Designs

Kitchen is the heart of every house, and a modular kitchen refers to a modern kitchen constructed in units. Chennai is the hub of modular kitchen designs, and there are many types of modular kitchens in Chennai which have the potential to change the look of your kitchen.

Following are some tips for modular kitchen designs-

1. Modern kitchen cabinet design.

A modern kitchen cabinet design has a clean line and stainless steel material palette. A kitchen work triangle consists of a sink, refrigerator and a hob. Some features which describe the modern kitchen are-

  • Geometry

Geometry means uniformity in design, squares, curves, angles etc.

  • Horizontal lines.

In today’s kitchen, horizontal lines are very popular and you should keep things linear.

  • Cabinetry.

This is another major characteristic of a modular kitchen design.

While choosing a kitchen layout, you should decide how these three essential items interact. Many people choose modular kitchen in Chennai as they are known for their seamless working methods and impeccable detailing.

2. Contemporary L-shaped kitchen design with under-cabinet lighting.

An L-shaped kitchen design resembles the letter ‘L’ and offers an efficient and practical cooking workflow. You should work for a grey finish, which adds flair to your kitchen, and if you use under-cabinet lights, it can brighten up the workstation. However, while installing the cabinets, you should make sure that they open effortlessly. 

3. Grey modern kitchen design with loft units.

You can use grey for your kitchen as it is the perfect shade for using as a backdrop, and grey is a neutral shade that matches well with almost all colours and hues. A well-designed kitchen unit has an overhead unit and lofts above the overhead unit. These lofts have hinged storage space. They can also have sliding shutters, and these lofts also offer a perfect solution for kitchen accessories.

4. Contemporary modular kitchen design with brown and beige cabinets.

A contemporary kitchen design is the one which has flat panel doors. This means that the center panel is flat. In a contemporary modular kitchen design, there are no furrows, and the doors cover the entire frame. Many people opt for a contemporary modular kitchen design as it creates an illusion or a larger kitchen. The layout makes it feel less cluttered. Modular kitchen in Chennai provides you with a Chimney that helps you get rid of the smoke that causes havoc in your kitchen. Modular kitchen in Chennai provides a contemporary kitchen design with brown and beige designs.

5. White U-shaped parallel kitchen design.

If the families have two or more cooks, a parallel kitchen design is ideal as it provides ample space for many people. It has an adequate countertop space, and this kitchen layout provides good storage for the overhead and under the countertop. This kitchen layout is split into two parts. One is the cooking zone and the other is the preparation zone.

You can choose any of the modular kitchen in Chennai as they have a plethora of designs to choose from.

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