Essential Designing Tips For Narrow Rooms

Essential Designing Tips For Narrow Rooms

If you are dealing with trying to decorate designer furniture in Singapore in a narrow room, it can become quite tricky as there is not enough space. Narrow rooms are long but not wide enough for furniture to be freely decorated.

How can you then manage designing or decorating a room with better furniture when space is not on your side? Let’s have a look at some tips that you can utilize while designing these rooms.

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Furniture Arrangement

Make sure you understand how designing is carried out, the principle of organising the items. It’s important that you know all the rules of decorating before you start applying them to your place. Once you have understood how to decorate a room with an average size, you can use those tricks in a small room as well.

Leave Some Walking Space

The hardest thing about long rooms or narrow ones is being able to find some space that’ll allow you to walk without bumping into things. You don’t want a puzzle made out of your room, where you or other people who’ll visit will have to find their way to the bed or out of there. The best method here will be keeping them to one side of the room that’ll allow you to walk on the other side of the room, without any obstacles.

If arranging furniture on one side isn’t possible, you can arrange them in such a way that you have a clear path to walk. This can be hard to achieve though, to do this you’ll have to arrange the furniture in a corner setup. Though this will still be better than arranging the room in out of proportion that’ll make people bump into things while they walk through the room.

Put Furniture on an Angle

Try to place the furniture on an angle. Do this if you don’t want your room to feel like a bowling alley since it’s long and narrow. The best course of action is to grab an angle and stick the furniture based on that so that it makes some space.

Use Furniture that has Circular Shape

Using a circular table or other furniture that’s shaped in a circular design can be great since it allows you to create an illusion of different shaped within a long and narrow shaped room. If you can’t find a big table then getting a side table that’s designed in a circular shape can be great. For long rooms, having different shaped or circular shaped tables can counteract the tunnel effect. They can also help you make a small room look bigger than what they are.

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Vertical Space

When it comes to all the spaces in the room, you want to make sure you use all the space that’s available to decorate, that include using shelves and proper light setups. Use the walls for decoration as they can light up the room a lot.

Edit Your Furniture

Don’t try to put too much stuff in small places. This is never better when you don’t have a lot of space. You need to understand the space inside your room. Instead of placing a lot of things inside a small area, replace that furniture with things that can act as two things.

If you are going furniture shopping Singapore these are some things that you should keep in mind if you have a narrow room. Though it’s important that you place only the furniture that you love, it’s also essential where and how you place them in the room for a better look.

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