More Than a Wrapped Present: 3 Extraordinary Gift Ideas for Your Wife’s Birthday

More Than a Wrapped Present: 3 Extraordinary Gift Ideas for Your Wife’s Birthday

The calendar is getting closer to your wife’s birthday! Time flies fast indeed, and again, you’re about to celebrate a special day of a dear lady! Have you already thought of a present to give her? It happens yearly, but still, you might find it a bit difficult because of many reasons, excluding money matters! One, you think you’ve given everything your ideas have let you thought of. Two, your wife is choosy and picky! Third and last, you’re just so EXTRA that you want something new and cool to give her every year!

Indeed, it could be hard whichever of the three reasons may be. Of course, as long as you are able, you want to give her a remarkably beautiful gift, especially on the day of remembering and appreciating her existence more and more! To help you with that, below are 3 unique and extraordinary gift ideas for your wife’s birthday. All of these are more than wrapped presents probably because they could be more expensive or they just can’t be wrapped — really.


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Photos do a lot and mean so much. They enable you to get a frozen moment of a lovely time that will never ever happen the exact same way again! Photographs always help you remember happy moments and make you feel like you’re just right there at those blissful times you want to go back to!

You can take advantage of the power of photos while giving your wife a very fabulous feeling on her special day! Make her feel like a celebrity, an artist, a professional model! Pre-nuptial photos and pre-debut photos have always been a thing, but a birthday photoshoot for your wife whatever age she’s turning to is certainly something not everyone could think of as a good gift!

Especially if your wife really enjoys posing for the camera, she will absolutely find this gift very pleasant! If you want to surprise her, it’d be better if you let her dress up nicely as she perfectly loves to. Tell her to wear her best attire, so that even if it’s a surprise birthday shoot, she won’t come unprepared!

If you’re great at taking photos, you can be her photographer. On the other hand, if you aren’t or if you want to be in the photos as well, you can get professional photography services. If you have kids, you can include them too and have a special family photoshoot as well which your wife will undeniably love!

You can think of a theme for her birthday photoshoot as well. It would be nice if it’s personalized, more on displaying who she is as a person, as a wife and as a mother! Since it’s her birthday, she’s the subject and the star! You can also let her choose a style or a theme for her own birthday photoshoot if that would be alright! However, if it would take a lot of time and if it would give her a hard time, then just do it for her!

A birthday photoshoot is without a doubt a unique gift that your wife wouldn’t even expect you’d give her!


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Most wives love shopping a lot. As a matter of fact, that’s A LOT! Women are popular for being too choosy while shopping; that’s why it takes so much time to pick their choices and pay for their items! Most men, on the other hand, spend a short time choosing their clothes and shoes in the mall. It takes them just a few minutes, but for ladies, it takes more time!

Now, for your wife’s birthday, just be more patient, and let her have what makes her even happier aside from you! Let her shop with glee, without worry and without annoyance that you’re pressuring her — if she really feels like you’re pressuring her on a regular all-day shopping day! It’s better if you accompany her as she shops! It’s always better that way however long it takes for her to reach the cashier!

Particularly, you can give her a gift certificate she can use in her favorite clothing store, home essentials store or whatever store it is that she likes! A shopping spree on her birthday would be pricey for you but very touching and exciting for her, and that is for sure!

Jokingly tell her that she should buy what she really wants and not what she wants half-heartedly because that’d waste your money. That’d be a “joke” but deep inside, you’re hoping she’d understand it’s true! That’s funny, but don’t worry and don’t forget that the budget can also up to you!


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Your wife gets stressed and exhausted because of her work and/or of her duties as a loving wife and as a caring mother! Her mind is most often filled with worries and problems whenever she manages family matters with you too. She probably doesn’t have a lot of time for the relaxation and rest she actually deserves! That’s why another awesome gift idea for her birthday is a getaway or a vacation!

You can have two options for this. The first option is a family vacation. If you have kids, bring them with you. Choose a delightful resort or a theme park where you can all have fun. If you are financially ready for it, go abroad or to a far province! Celebrate the birthday of your queen out of the country or in a local destination you’ve always wanted to visit as a family!

The second option would be ideal if you want your wife to really feel singularly special on her natal day! It’s a romantic getaway! If your kids are already old enough to look after themselves or if you have trusted people to be with them whenever you’re not in the house, you can just go on a getaway together as a couple!

Make it an indeed romantic one! Select a place your wife has always wanted to visit or a famous venue where romantic dates are surely best! It would be really refreshing if you choose a place surrounded by the amazing views and vibes of nature. That would be perfect for your wife to de-stress and to be astounded by the incredible beauty of this world! The city is draining, so let her inhale some fresh air and loosen up.

For unwinding and restful venues, you can choose a hotel, a resort, a beach or a beach resort! For more extreme and more daring moments, adventure activities that include swimming, hiking, horse riding, island hopping and bungee jumping can also be your gutsy kind of romantic getaway!


The above-mentioned gift ideas are just some of the best ones out there! Of course, you must always consider what your wife is interested in! Whether you’ll give her a gift as a surprise or not, make sure you think of her while you’re deciding what gift to give. That’d make this whole thing easier for you!

Many tangible things can be given to your wife as a present, and she will truly appreciate it especially if you know her favorites! Those gifts which go with great experiences however give more noteworthy moments worth-adding to the “best memories” list of her life and also of yours!

Wrapped gifts are alright too! And if you want to give your wife something unique, extraordinary and rare, just think of the impact of opening doors of wonderful life experiences, and definitely, you can get her one of the perfect gifts out there!


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