Interesting Facts about Floor Mopping That Will Make Your Hair Stand on End

Interesting Facts about Floor Mopping That Will Make Your Hair Stand on End

Floor mopping has various facts connected to it, which many people would not believe is right. Floor mopping is a very crucial job ensuring the safety of large workplaces, business sectors, and commercial outlets, but did you know that there are many facts related to it that might as be as weird you could not think of. Below are some of the most exciting facts on floor mopping enough to make your hair stand on end.

There is a lot of chance that the floor you are wiping is with dirty water:

The general rule of cleaning through the mop is by first dipping the floor mop in the bucket and then wiping the floor. Repeatedly doing the same thing can fill your bucket with dirty water. Many of you are aware of it by seeing the color changing from pure to dirty water. With the introduction of dual bucket systems, this scenario can be avoided to a great extent. A dual bucket system decreases water contamination by many folds and ensures the water is clean every time. With the implementation of release valves, the wastewater can be released quickly without carrying the bucket.

Cotton String Mops are filled with germs:

Cotton string mops are filled with germs and should be avoided. They can contaminate the whole house if you are using it continuously to clean your house. Microfiber mops are regarded as suitable for cleaning as they maintain the safety and sanitation level to a great extent. Microfiber ensures deeper penetration compared to cotton string mops to reach deeper areas in your house or workplaces. It has been proved that by using microfiber mops, the germs and bacteria in the house are decreased by 96%.

Floor Mopping results in Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI):

If you notice, floor mopping is a very time-consuming job, especially in large commercial areas, factories, and workplaces. The janitors have to perform repetitive action to clean the floor, which is believed to be the leading cause of Repetitive Stress Injuries in janitors worldwide. It is also estimated that RSI is the second most injury related to cleaning.

Mops have the same size:

We all have different sizes for our shoes and clothes, but mops come in the same sizes for all. It might be suitable for many people, but many find it difficult due to the shortage or excess height. This is a significant concern as it may result in many hurdles in the future. This is why many workplaces and commercial setups have taken to mops having telescopic handles. These mops height can be adjusted as per the convenience of the janitor enabling better efficiency in work.

Floor mopping is the most time-consuming work:

Relying on a robot to cleaning your floors is just not the right time for it. Still, in this modern era, we have to rely on floor mopping manual techniques to clean large floors. The process is time-consuming and monotonous. It is estimated that workplaces, businesses, and commercial outlets spend approximately 35% to 40% on cleaning alone.

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