Features Of Contemporary Toilets

Features Of Contemporary Toilets

Contemporary toilets are the latest trend. These are the type of modern toilets that are will possibly make lives easier. In addition, aesthetics is also the priority for such toilets. While toilets are one the most important utility of every bathroom, they often have less preference when upgrading. Unfortunately, many people are still clueless about the real difference between traditional toilets and contemporary toilets. That makes it hard for people looking for modern bathrooms. If you are looking to create an on-trend bathroom, then it will be worth knowing what are toilet options you may have available and what options you should be looking at while planning for contemporary bathrooms.

In this article, we are going to provide you with important information on choosing modern toilets

What are the Contemporary Toilets?

While there is no agreed-upon definition available for contemporary toilets, we can define these as toilets that have two major elements. The first is that these look modern aesthetically. At the same time, the second is that these have a lot of all the modern features that one can think of. With technological innovation, small toilets are also making their way into our homes. But so, these are less common, and there will not be discussed here. 

What are Different Types of Contemporary Toilets?

For a modern bathroom, we may recommend the following types of toilets.

  • Wall Hung Toilets. These are inevitably the most modern design toilets available in the market. With a floating toilet pan and concealed cistern, you will not go wrong this option if you have a small bathroom or want a minimalist toilet. Due to such a minimalist design with plenty of bowl design options available, these are to be the modern toilets for a contemporary look in the bathroom. 
  • Back To Wall Toilets. Second, to our list, there are back-to-wall toilets which are also a kind of contemporary toilets. These are sold in two parts; the first is the bowl of your choice and a cistern that is a WC unit concealing the complete cistern. So, what you have visible are a bowl and WC units. Otherwise, you can also opt for wall fittings against which the bowl stands on the floor. These are also a great option for minimalist or modern bathrooms.
  • Contemporary Close Coupled Toilets. Although kind of traditional, modern close-coupled toilets are loaded with some of the finest design features. If you only want this type of toilet, then you can look for all the modern features like short projection, rimless, dual flush mechanism, bidet, soft-close seats, etc. 

What Features Should You Look for in Contemporary Toilets.

Contemporary Toilets

We can already see a trend that future toilets will have a lot of integration with the technology. But what currently contemporary toilets we have available usually have the following features.

  • Dual Flush Mechanism. Another type of modern design where your flush has dual options for flushing the water. It is divided into 3 or 6 litres with the option to use either as per your requirements. The purpose of such an option is to reduce the wastage of water that will ultimately result in reduced water bills for you as well. Not only it is great for the environment but also for your pocket too.
  • Rimless Shape. Another feature that we are witnessing in contemporary toilets is the rimless shape. Such shape is important for hygienic purposes. Not only does it look better, but it also has no nooks and crannies where dirt or bacterial could accumulate, making cleaning easier and hassle-free. Short Projection. If you are looking for something that saves you space, it is better to choose a short projection toilet bowl. Not only do these look great but also a perfect choice for small bathrooms. You can find such designs in almost all types of toilets. 
  • Self-Cleaning Features. Many toilets in modern times are coming with another feature that is self-cleaning and self-deodorizing. However, these are not yet common ad may take some time before they get into our homes.
  • Bidet Function. It is a modern feature that is common in Japanese toilets. It cleans your body without the need to use tissue paper. It even dries it off after use through warm vapours. 

What Future Toilets Would Look Like? 

We can already see what future toilets will look like. There are modern features like self-cleaning, over-flow portion, self-heating seats, automatic night toilet bowl lighting, and automatic flushing. The future toilets will be highly integrated with the technology.

Final Thoughts about Contemporary Toilets.

In this article, we discuss what contemporary toilets you have available, their features, and what we can expect in the future. A modern bathroom is all about comfort and aesthetics, and the toilet will play a leading role in it. You can check high-quality on-trend bathroom fittings and fixtures at Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK.

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