Few Advantages of Aluminium Doors

Few Advantages of Aluminium Doors

There has been a good rise in people choosing on installing aluminium doors and windows over the traditional wooden framed door which graced the entrances for decades. The trend has started since the past few years, as aluminium has got many advantages which were mentioned as drawbacks for wooden doors and windows. Are you planning to renovate your house? Then this write up is for you. There are many reasons why you should choose aluminium over wooden doors.

Resistant to Water and Weather Conditions:

Wooden frame and door are likely to rot as the time passes. The durable quotient of aluminium is high; the material does not tend to damage easily. The Aluminium doors are very structurally very strong and can withstand any weather condition. It is better than timber and even more recommended by anyone who is using aluminium doors for their house.


Aluminium doors are more pocket-friendly and value for money. The long-run and durable performance will prove itself more efficient than UPVC doors and windows, as they are less sturdy and weak. Timber needs to be replaced at least after a few years as the door may be damaged. Aluminium doors are durable and last lifelong. So, if we are investing here it is going to stay with the construction and need not get replaced. We can save money with such decisions.

Aluminium Doors

Easy Maintenance:

Aluminium doors do not get discoloured and rusted. Maintaining them is very easy and cleaning them is the easiest task one can do.

Take some soapy water and give them a good cleaning session. Wipe with a soft cloth and dry it. This is the best you can do to make them shine all day. Cleaning twice a year is a general need.

Timber needs more regular maintenance but still gets damaged easily, so it’s always a good option to invest in aluminium doors which are efficient, sturdy and damage resistant.

Better Looks:

We can powder coat the metal for different finishes and looks. The metal can be moulded to any shape and dimension for the doors and windows. The metal being robust, aluminium is suitable for manufacturing large aluminium doors, sliding windows. They don’t get twisted in harsh weather, unlike large wooden doors and panels.

Unlike past years, you need not worry about their dusty industrial look. Aluminium doors can be easily customized with the choice of your colour. Both frames and doors can be powder coated with the desired colour and also design your own frame. The metal allows you to do a lot of experiments. You just need to get hold of a good manufacturer who can support you.


The metal is 100% reusable and recycled into anything you need. Compared to UPVC aluminium is environmentally friendly. We can also save trees by shifting to aluminium doors and windows. If you wish to replace your old aluminium frames while renovating your house, you can recycle them into any other object like a showpiece or any utensil etc.

The material is having a low carbon footprint and is environmentally friendly.in this way, installing aluminium doors is actually an environmentally friendly option. The metal which cannot be corroded easily is strong enough to withstand any weather conditions and harmful break-ins too.

With so many advantages aluminium is the best choice for your new doors. As mentioned, all we need is a good supplier who can customize the shape of the frames and colour according to our choices. Timber is an old choice; be smart and practical about the choice you want to make. Replace your wooden doors with aluminium ones and enjoy them for a lifetime.

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