Five Renovations to Add Immediate Value to Your Home

Five Renovations to Add Immediate Value to Your Home

When it comes time to sell your home, you want to maximize the number of fixtures, upgrades, and additions that justify a higher price. Most of these additions centre on common sense and keeping the needs of your future buyer in mind. The following five suggestions should help to get you started.

Energy Efficiency

Going energy efficient can include a check-up on insulation, installing vinyl windows, and swapping out old appliances, like ovens, washers, and dryers, for less wasteful ones. Beyond shrinking your monthly bills, and contributing to the property’s longevity, these changes can stand out in older neighbourhoods where they are less common. Even small touches like LED light bulbs—they can last for over a decade—could be the deciding factor for the right person.

Upgrade Your Windows

Nothing defines your house like windows, and prospective buyers see this fixture upon arrival before they see anything else. For the best ROI, you’ll want to replace any old or drafty windows and upgrade to the most contemporary styles.

Make sure you work with a professional window replacement company that stands by its work and offers an excellent warranty to back their windows. Click here for more info on replacing your old, out of date windows with the newest bay, bow, casement, or picture varieties.

Add More Rooms

Converting unused space into an extra bathroom or bedroom can add value above and beyond average neighbourhood prices for a few reasons.

To many, avoiding the prospect of early morning arguments about whose turn it is to shower is worth the extra money. Another reason is the monthly income stream from housing a potential tenant. Depending on the size of the room, the money earned could make a meaningful difference to a buyer’s quality of life and thus influence their offer.

The Kitchen is King

Remodelling the kitchen is a popular go-to that nonetheless merits caution. Like any of the recommendations on this list, you should only invest where there’s an expected reasonable return. This doesn’t mean skimping on essentials, like replacing dented countertops, or chipped tile. What it does mean is being conscious of how much materials cost. There’s no need for imported marble when you can get more mileage out of a simple window above the sink.

Don’t Skip the Essentials

Lastly, the integrity of your home is paramount to selling at a satisfactory price. The category includes your home’s foundation, plumbing, and electrical wiring, as well as any issues with mold or pests. A buyer who can check these items off will likely approach the negotiation process with less reservations about paying a fair price. This is because they know the property will be structurally sound for decades to come.

When selling your home, nothing will woo your potential buyers quite the same way as that like-new feeling of an elegant colour scheme, or how hard it is to ignore a kitchen adorned with a dozen cabinets in mint condition.

So long as you keep to unified design philosophy, and everything is as functional as it is beautiful, this approach should give any listing a good boost.

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