Expert Guide to Clearing and Relining Blocked Drains and Pipes
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Expert Guide to Clearing and Relining Blocked Drains and Pipes

Expert Guide to Clearing and Relining Blocked Drains and Pipes

You are well aware that proper tool to clear a clogged kitchen sink is very different than the tools that are used for clearing main drain. But did you ever know that the  tool that  is used for cleaning a toilet, is different from the ones that is used in bathtub or a sink.

There  are several contractors who use the same drain cleaning tools for clearing and relining blocked drains and pipes which is certainly not the right approach. It is worth to note that one has to necessarily use different effective tools for cleaning purpose. If you are opting to use the same tool for both the jobs, then you should certainly read on to use the best too; for saving your money and time.

Put Forth Right Set of Questions

There are two primary ways of selecting the right tool for the job. You can ask questions like what type of drain and clog it is before going into other details.

In order to determine the right set of drain cleaning tool for your application, you must first locate the source of the problem. If the clog appears in a small drain line, like the basin, sink or laundry tub, then a hand-held machine or small floor model drain cleaner will be an appropriate tool to be used. If several drains are affected, the blockage is probably in the larger line which is common to those drains. If this is the case, a larger floor model drain cleaning machine is indeed the right tool for the job.


What Type of Drain you are Intending to Clean?

Laundry Tubs, Sinks and Roof Vents

If you’re clearing small-diameter drain lines (1.25 inches to 3 inches) you can use machines which use smaller diameter cables. Hand-held models that come in sizes like  ¼-, 3/8- or 5/16- inch cables are indeed the best suited ones for this particular application. The small-diameter cables are quite flexible enough to get around the tight bends. This is easier on the cables if you remove the P-trap under the sink rather than the wrestle your way past it with a snake.

Showers and Bathtubs

The best tool for clearing a slow draining or clogged tub is a Water Ram. Tubs often drain through drum traps which are very difficult to get through with a cable. The Water Ram uses a burst of compressed air in order to create a shock wave which follows the path of the water and is not affected by tight bends & narrow lines. This travels down and removes the  the blockage without harming the pipelines. The Water Ram also works well on trailer homers which can be difficult to clear using the cables because they have narrow drain line with tight bends.

Urinals and Toilets

The best tool for clearing a clogged toilet is the closet auger. There is no other tool perhaps in your arsenal which will go through the bowl easily and quickly. The spring is flexible enough in order to get through the several tight bends present in the bowl. Some of them come with a down head which helps in guiding the cable around the tight bends in older bowls. Most of the low-flow bowls are easier to get through with the help of a regular spring head. You can also consider a telescoping auger. If you had ever has to remove a bowl because the stoppage is placed just beyond this. The telescoping augers hide an extra 3 feet of cable in the handle. When you require it, you just need to push a button & this will slide right out.


Clearing and relining blocked drains and pipes is of major significance and this should not be ignored under any circumstances. You should adopt the right tool following the above guide depending on the drain you are planning to clear and reline. However, to get the relining task done professionally, hire The Relining Company.

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