House Flags: Add Distinctive Style to Décor

House Flags: Add Distinctive Style to Décor

Watching the outdoor flags waving from the highest flagpoles on national holidays always provokes a certain emotion. From those who wore the uniform defending their homeland to those who get excited when watching a national football match on TV or attending an award ceremony and listening to the anthem, feels a different charge. An energy is always intense every time.

How About House Flags

On the other hand, house flags or garden flags can become a cheerful way to color the spaces of the house. We can beautifully hang decorative flags on the wall or in form of a garland around the table, perhaps with a festive tablecloth. Isn’t that a fun décor?

In the garden or a lawn, garden flags boost a cheerful decorative and embellishment sign. Starting from the flag of the United States of America, with its famous white and red stripes and the 50 stars of the states that form the confederation, to the Union Jack of Great Britain, the characteristic colors of the states of the world can make it truly suggestive and especially in the garden or outdoors. Embracing the use of outdoor flags to color, the different settings can be a choice that at first glance leaves you amazed and incredulous.

Ideas To Use Decorative Flags

Entrance Door

Wood always offers suggestive ideas: the front door of the house can be repainted with striking decorative flags.


The kitchen is a room that is increasingly turning out to be a place for entertainment. Waiting for friends while preparing a series of delicious dishes, sipping a drink, or a few cold drinks in a themed room intrigues guests. One of the latest trends in appliances is the refrigerator with the house flags which, combined with a vintage model, 60s style, makes the room truly elegant and special. The color choice is always personal. Striking shades give a more youthful and fresh impression even to classic room.


Organize a themed party that celebrates an important day in your country to greet a friend who can always have outdoor flags adding a touch of warm décor in your home. TIP: you can have it signed by all participants as a reminder of an important moment in their life.

Living room

When you want to design a modern living room, you go in search of particular solutions. Opting for furnishings with a rare and emblematic design rather than adopting innovative colors and painting techniques. The decorations are always very personal. TIP: try bringing in a mix of different cultures by choosing cute decorative flags and house flags in distant prints. The lounge area can have flags with icons and images. It is a small variation compared to a poster of a singer rather than a picture with the most significant images and shots of life experiences.

TIP: Embellish the lounge area or a balcony with a particular choice of lighting. A rice paper globe, lamps, and of course outdoor flags are entertaining for the young and old alike.

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