How Do You Unclog The Toilet Yourself?

How Do You Unclog The Toilet Yourself?

If your toilet is clogged, don’t panic. You don’t have to go through a plumber. There are quite a few simple techniques that can completely solve your problem. However, the operation may require specific equipment such as a ferret, a pump unblocker, or a suction cup. But don’t panic, you can also use different everyday products!

Discover techniques to unclog your toilet yourself!

  • Start by performing a quick diagnosis
  • Your toilets can be blocked for different reasons:
  • too much toilet paper stuck in your drain
  • a toilet block that has fallen into your toilet bowl which creates a plug
  • too much paper towels thrown away
  • sanitary napkins and/or tampons thrown into the toilet …

Whatever the reason, the first question to ask yourself is “how to unclog toilet when nothing works?” Depending on the answer, the unblocking methods will be different:

  • If the water is still flowing but abnormally, then the clogging of your toilet is slight. A plug of this type shouldn’t be difficult to remove,
  • If the water drains very slowly, your toilets are moderately clogged. Natural unclogging methods may not be enough, but you should be able to get by on your own using plumbing equipment,
  • If the water is no longer draining or almost no longer, then the clogging of your toilet is critical, especially if the water rises to the top of the toilet. In this case, you will need to be particularly well equipped, or even call in a professional.

Unclog unclogged toilets with hot water!

If your toilet space is light, a bucket of hot water may be sufficient. Follow these steps:

  • Hot tap water will not be sufficient. It is better to put water in a saucepan and heat it over medium heat,
  • Pour half a cup of dishwashing liquid into your toilet and let sit for about 10 minutes,
  • Remove the saucepan from the heat before the water comes to a boil,
  • Pour the hot water into the toilet all at once. The pressure and heat of the water will help break down the plug,
  • Flush the toilet to check if the plug has been removed,
  • If not, repeat the operation a second time.
  • Be sure to hold your pan correctly so as not to splash yourself and avoid scalding yourself!

How to unclog your toilet with natural products?

Combined together, white vinegar and baking soda can unclog your toilet lines. Again, just follow a few simple steps:

  • Again, heat a pot of water over medium heat,
  • Meanwhile, pour half a cup of baking soda inside your toilet,
  • Again, remove your water from the heat before it boils,
  • At this point, add half a cup of white vinegar to your saucepan,

Finally, pour the mixture into your toilet and close the bowl.

Leave this solution on for 30 minutes. A chemical reaction causing the water in the bowl to “sparkle” should take place, but this is normal. After half an hour, flush your toilet and check that everything is working properly. In addition to unclogging your toilets, this method can also allow you to remove bad odors from your pipes.

Use living organisms!

Have you heard of enzymes? These living organisms are activated on contact with water and will devour the fats and organic waste (except hair) which clog your pipes.

You can find enzyme-based products at home improvement stores or supermarkets. These unblockers have the advantage of being non-corrosive, they are compatible with your septic tank and do not pollute. You just have to be patient and let them act overnight to get conclusive results.

Unblock your toilet with a suction cup

Place your suction cup in the bottom of your toilet so that it completely covers the hole. Press down on the suction cup so that it fully adheres to your toilet bowl and causes a suction effect. Air should no longer pass through the pipes. Once it is properly seated, press down on the suction cup using up and down movements. The aim is to create a call for air which will allow the pipe to be unclogged. Repeat this operation 2-3 times if necessary. If you don’t have a suction cup, you can achieve the same result by using a plastic bottle to unclog your toilet. To do this, cut the lower part of your bottle and take care to keep the cap screwed to the neck. Place the bottom of your bottle in the bottom of the bowl and practice the same back and forth motion (explained above) as for the suction cup. This movement should allow the plug to be removed.

Unblock your toilets using a pump unblocker

It is the same principle as the suction cup: the pump unblocker is composed of a rubber bowl, a plunger/handle and a plastic pipe. Start by pulling the plunger up to its maximum. Then, plug the toilet hole with the rubber bowl, preventing air from passing, like with the suction cup.

Once the pump is in place, firmly press the plunger and perform several back and forth movements on the handle. If the water is draining, the plug has been removed.

How to unclog your toilet with a ferret?

If the previous methods did not work, you can get a plumbing problems. You can rent it or find one from 5 euros in a drugstore. There are two kinds of ferrets: with or without a crank. If you have a choice, go for the ferret with a crank, it is much more convenient to unclog a toilet.

Then follow these few steps:

Start by gradually introducing your ferret into the pipes.

If you notice that it starts to block, you have surely reached the stopper.

Activate the crank to break and completely dissolve the plug. If you no longer feel any blockage, the plug has been removed. Do a test by flushing the toilet.

Which chemical unblockers are effective for a cluttered toilet?

Chemicals are very effective at unclogging toilets, unfortunately, they are most of the time not environmentally friendly … so best to keep them as a last resort. Available in drugstores or supermarkets, these chemicals should be used with the utmost caution:

  • Use a mask and a pair of gloves to avoid any contact with the product.
  • Follow the instructions on the bottle to the letter.
  • After the product has elapsed, flush the toilet several times.

Chemical unblockers are harmful to the environment. Avoid them as much as possible and prefer natural solutions such as vinegar, a bucket of hot water, or a ferret. You will understand, unblocking your toilet is not a superhuman feat. You just need to have the right material and some advice. If despite all these techniques, your toilet remains clogged, call a certified plumber who will have no trouble solving your problem.

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