How Much Do Outdoor Blinds Cost? Ziptrak, Zipscreen, Slidetrack
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How Much Do Outdoor Blinds Cost? Ziptrak, Zipscreen, Slidetrack

How Much Do Outdoor Blinds Cost? Ziptrak, Zipscreen, Slidetrack

Outdoor Blinds Adelaide is a preferred choice because it offers effective protection from the sun. The protection offered by café style PVC blinds is inferior to outdoor blinds made from shade cloth fabric. As far as different choices are concerned, you have three predominant options: Ziptrack, Zipscreen and Slidetrack.

Which one is better? Which one gives you value for money? Which blind should you prefer? It depends on various parameters. The biggest is obviously, your preference and liking. To make an informed decision, it is essential to check the properties of the three choices. Their features, benefits, and advantages should be compared. It is difficult to rate one higher over the others because they are almost similar products in terms of quality and perfection.

Ziptrak, Zipscreen, and Slidetrack; The Three Famous Brands

Ziptrak is an Australian brand. It is considered a reputed and recognized brand in the country. It has been in the market for more than three decades. The customers rate it high for the quality production of outdoor Sunshade solutions.

When you expect blinds that are easy to operate with high quality and no gaps, this brand stands out uniquely. Its specialty is Track-Guided Blind System that is one of the biggest hits in the external blind system market in the country.

The company launched another landmark product, Zipscreen after the grand success of Ziptrak. The initial version had some issues that were corrected after getting user feedback. The subsequent version was much improved and better. Issues like jamming and zip stacking were corrected in the later products.

It is quite tough to determine which one is better. They all are almost similar in quality. Ziptrack has channel locks. Besides that, it has a central locking mechanism. This is provided without any additional cost. The locking system can be operated from both sides, which is an additional advantage, especially, on the balconies and windows.

Locks can be set at multiple positions in these blinds. The central locking system of Ziptrak, bottom side bolt of Zipscreen are unique features. The bottom side bolt can be used from outside and inside. It means locking and unlocking can be done without lowering or raising the blind.

Cost Comparison

Three types of blinds are almost similar in cost. Ziptrak is relatively cheaper. Typically, if you get Ziptrack between 1100$ and 1200$, which is around 100$ expensive than the other two brands. You have to do enough market research before paying for any of the blinds.

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