How to Choose Between the Different Types of Ceiling Fans

How to Choose Between the Different Types of Ceiling Fans

These days, Ceiling fans are more of a luxury than a necessity, all thanks to the immense trendy ceiling fans companies. Undoubtedly, there can be no other equipment that has the capability to both cool down the house along with making it look a lot sassier.

Now a lot of people usually believe ceiling fans are the same and the only difference is in their appearance. But that’s not the true picture, which fan has its own characteristics that are designed keeping in mind the certain room structure.

So, before you go out and make the final purchase, here are the different varieties of trendy ceiling fans that you must check out.



These Are the types of fans match almost any kind of a room due to their versatility. They are equipped with around 4 to 5 blades and are found in colors that can easily match every wall color. One can get a lot of trendy ceiling fans under this category. The colors usually are pastel Shades like warm Beige, black sometimes white.

The LED light is usually provided at the center of these fans for The Lighting purpose. These are usually fixed using a downrod but there are other methods like pull chain or remote control that you can choose from.


These are the type of fans that are usually installed in houses that have the ceiling at a very low height. Even though the margin between the ceiling and the blades is quite less, the fan overall performs excellently well when it comes to keeping the whole room cool.

The fan is also an excellent medium if you want the air to be circulated in all the directions. These fans are always able to gain the top spot when it comes to trendy ceiling fans in a budget.


If you have a deep concern for the environment and want to keep that in mind while purchasing the fan, then this is the kind of fan that you should go for. Well, appearance wise, these are quite similar to the low profile ceiling fans but use almost 20 to 30% less power.

Also, apart from being environment-friendly, these fans will help you in reducing your electricity bill which is like a cherry on the top. Check out the list of best designer ceiling fans in India, to get a detailed idea of this category of fans.


If you own an auditorium or a restaurant with a high ceiling, then you must be aware of the struggles involved in operating the ceiling fan. Keeping in mind these sort of problems, remote controlled ceiling fan would be the most effective fan for you.

The whole operation process can be work on using a remote rather than Pulling cords located at such a great height. There are a lot of trendy ceiling fans available in this type and all of them are pretty versatile as well.


If you live in a wet area, then you might have gone to the problem of blocked motors due to Excess moisture. People living in such areas should prefer these types of fans, as they are equipped with blades data resistant to moisture. These fans are usually available in all types of designs and colors, making them an appropriate choice for your home.

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