How To Filter Cannabis Odors From Your Home

How To Filter Cannabis Odors From Your Home

With marijuana legalization becoming more widespread, many people are starting to experiment with using cannabis. Even with growing diversity within the marijuana industry, many people still prefer to consume cannabis by smoking a joint or a blunt either by themselves or with friends. If you’re outdoors, you don’t need to worry, but smoking inside can leave the room with a noticeable cannabis scent. New users may not be aware of the best ways to keep their home from smelling like smoke or what their other options are when using cannabis products. If you smoke frequently at your house, read on to learn how to filter cannabis odors from your home.

How can you filter cannabis odors from your home?

If you enjoy smoking cannabis but need a solution for the telltale scent, you have plenty of options to consider. Your HVAC system should generally help with odor removal and air filtration. If you notice that it isn’t operating efficiently, you may want to have a technician come take a look at it. An HVAC should generally be inspected at least once annually and have the filter changed once every 90 days. You may want to consider an
HVAC maintenance plan
 to make sure you take proper care of your system.

There are also several steps you can take to minimize the smell in your home during and after smoking. Consider opening a window and turning a fan on to help with air circulation. Putting a towel at the bottom of the door can prevent smoke in your room from getting out, though it’s unlikely to be 100% effective. Burning candles or incense can also help, but this will just mask the smell as opposed to eliminating it entirely.

What alternatives are there to smoking weed?

One way to cut down on the weed odor in your home is to stop smoking or smoke less frequently. Edibles are a great alternative that avoid the problem of smoking entirely. You can purchase them at the dispensary, but it’s much more budget-friendly to bake your own edibles. If you’ve never done it before, you may need to look up how to make weed brownies. Brownies are the perfect place to start, since they’re a stoner classic. Brownies also have a fairly straightforward recipe, so even an inexperienced baker should be able to make them.

If you’re not sure whether to use cannabutter or cannabis-infused coconut oil, it’s best to use whatever the recipe you’re working with calls for. While coconut oil and butter are interchangeable when baking, they do create slightly different textures. It can take some trial and error to find the recipe you like best and learn how to bake them properly. It’s a good idea to practice baking the brownies first before you add in your cannabis oil or cannabis butter so that you don’t waste weed with a failed attempt.

There are also other ways to avoid smoking. You can also use a vaporizer, though there is still likely to be a slight odor. Vapor is less potent than smoke, but you may still need to use Febreze or leave the window open for a while afterward. Many people have even turned to dabbing to minimize lingering odors. Topical cannabis products like oils and lotions are also a great way to avoid any issues with scent.

Smoking cannabis can be an enjoyable recreational activity or a useful way to consume a prescribed medication. However, it can leave your home smelling like weed for days if you’re not careful. Anyone new to cannabis should talk to their doctor before engaging in regular use. Your doctor can tell you how marijuana may impact any health conditions you have and whether or not it will interact with medications you’re currently taking. An open window and your HVAC system may be able to take care of the majority of odor problems, but you may need to take a few extra steps. Edibles, concentrates, and vapes are all reliable alternatives if you’re considering smoking less frequently.

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