How to find Cross-Country Moving Companies to Hire?

How to find Cross-Country Moving Companies to Hire?

Needless to say, moving is hard. However, it’s much harder to plan and organize your cross-country move than a local one. Maybe local moving is doable without any professional help, the popular DIY moving. But, for a cross-country moving, you will undeniably need to find cross-country moving companies to hire.

Steps to find cross-country moving companies to hire

Before you begin your stress-free moving journey, finding a good moving company is crucial. As a starting point, it’s always good to check resources like Verified Movers. There is plenty of useful information you can use before making a decision about who to choose. Here is a couple of important steps you should follow in order to find a reliable moving company:

  • Start your search with online research and ask people you know for recommendations.
  • Pay attention to the info on the company’s website and check its reputation. Ratings and reviews are a good way to see if the company is trustworthy.
  • Check with the Department of Transportation and Better Business Bureau if the company has all the licenses and permits in order to avoid scams.
  • Get a couple of companies, three at least, and contact them. While doing so, pay attention to customer service and how they behave with clients.
  • Ask for in-house estimates and make sure you get them in writing.
  • Compare the offers and see which one suits your budget the best.
  • Choose the appropriate company and choose the services you will need. Consider that some of your items may require special handling or other special types of service. For example, climate-controlled storage or a special way of packing.
  • Plan your dates and schedule everything with the company.
  • Don’t forget to inform yourself about insurance and don’t hesitate to ask about discounts.

Finally, if everything is going according to plans, prepare yourself for the moving day. Don’t worry too much because you’ve managed to find cross-country moving company which will make your transition much easier.

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