How to Keep Alligators out of Your Yard – A guide for Florida Newcomers

How to Keep Alligators out of Your Yard –  A guide for Florida Newcomers

All around the world people meet with different types of animals. They got used to seeing them on a daily basis, and they simply learned to live with them. And there would be no problem if those animals weren’t entering the man’s private properties. And, in many cases making some kind of damage. On the other hand, we should not forget either that people also tend to occupy the areas that belonged to animal species some time ago. And this circle never closes. In Florida, for example, one of the biggest problems is the species of reptiles, alligators. As the population is growing, and with the constantly developing tourism, the number of humans – alligator encounters is growing too. Therefore, it is good to be careful. If you are a newcomer in Florida, and you are about to buy a house there, here are some tips on how to keep alligators out of your yard.

Their natural habitat

Florida is a beautiful sunny country with miles of beautiful beaches. However, if you are in the process of moving here from another part of the US, there are some things you need to know first.

Many cities in Florida are built on the old swampland. Therefore it is not unusual to hear that there are still some alligators present in the surrounding waters. Especially during the warm weather. From the beginning of spring reptiles warm up as well, and they start their everyday searches for food all around their living area. And it is exactly then when people come across some of the uninvited guests near their homes. Since this is a common situation in Florida, you should prepare yourself well.

The first defense line for keeping alligators away from your home

After you buy a beautiful house in Florida, and bring all your stuff and settle you down, it’s time to deal with your safety. The first, and certainly the best way to keep alligators away from your home is to build a high and solid fence.

In this case, it would be best if your fence is at least four and a half feet tall. This is because it is widely known and alligators are pretty skillful climbers. Therefore, they can go up any shorter obstacle with ease. What’s more, people in Florida usually tend to install some kinds of electric fences, which they say, are the best first-line protection. But, at this point, it’s good to be careful. If you decide to have an electric fence, don’t forget to get an appropriate warning sign. It is true that this electricity would probably be harmless to people, but it’s always good to be cautious.

A family home you need to keep safe by managing to keep alligators out of your yard.

Let nature help to keep alligators out of your yard

As we’ve mentioned a good wired fence is an excellent idea. On the other hand, if making a high fence somehow is not an option for you, we have yet another solution. Block the way to your home with some kind of shrubs. Heavy vegetation would certainly keep the alligators on a solid distance from your yard. They would probably not be able to make their way through it. However, this solution has certain flaws. Namely, although it will protect you from one kind of reptiles, alligator, it can be a perfect habitat for another kind, snakes. So, in case you decide to use this defense option, it would be good to keep this fact in mind.

Be careful with the food to keep alligators out of your yard

When owning a house, people all around the world have many problematic experiences with animals and insects. They’re looking for the solution to get rid of the termites in the attic. Or, they’re trying to remove a growing mice family from their basements. This is nothing strange, indeed, and each of these problems has its solution.

Now, when it comes to Florida like we have mentioned it before, as soon as the warm weather comes, the alligators will wander around in search of food. Therefore, if you have an idea of protecting your yards from them, try not to be their food source. Be careful where you put your food scraps. Try to remove them directly into your garbage. Avoid food scattering, especially when it comes to your garden. Always keep your barbecue set in some closed space. And, if you manage to remove all food sources, it is possible that you’ll avoid these unpleasant encounters with the reptile friends.

Garbage in a plastic bag next to a door.

Take care of your pets

If you have a pet, and you are relocating to Florida, this advice would be very useful. It is true that your pet animals, especially dogs, might be in danger if they have a close encounter with an alligator. That’s because they really resemble the alligators’ natural prey, and thus may easily become their food. So, if you want to protect your home and keep alligators out of your yard, try to always keep an eye on your pets when they are outside of the house.

The illegal deeds

When deciding to relocate to some other country or city many people tend to avoid the usual moving mistakes. They inform well in advance, and they prepare wisely. However, another important thing to inform about is, of course, what are the things to avoid doing when you actually start your life in the new place.

A man holding a baby alligator.

Final words on how to keep alligators out of your yard

In the case of Florida, one thing is clear. Alligators are the all present treat, but you are not allowed to either trap or kill them by no means. So, if you feel endangered by one, and you need some immediate help, calling the professionals specialized in this area is the best solution.

So, this was a quick guide for the Florida newcomers on how to keep your yard safe from alligators. We hope it was helpful. And for the final recap, let’s make a shortlist of useful solutions:

  • build a high fence
  • use the heavy vegetation
  • try not to be their food source

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