How to Make Your Relocation Simple for Your Kids?

How to Make Your Relocation Simple for Your Kids?

Moving to a new place brings a set of entirely new difficulties and problems to overcome. While it can be exciting, at the same time it puts us under a lot of pressure. And, where there is pressure there is also stress. Typically, this is a normal reaction to everything that disturbs our routine. And by all means, moving is one of the major disruptions in your life. Now, adults can rationalize the problem and change the way they look at it. For example, you can say it is a chance for a fresh start and stay optimistic about it. However, if you have kids, you will soon discover that they are not so easily adjustable. So, how to make your relocation simple for your kids? By staying calm, figuring out how to respond, and avoiding any additional emotional upset.

What to do to make your relocation simple for your kids?

First of all, you need to plan this carefully. Even though the kids are not completely emotionally mature, their emotion is genuine. In general, you should time moving the best way you can. That is if you have the choice. If you can, take it slowly and plan every single step. Seriously, to the smallest detail. Not all kids react the same, especially if they are of different age. So, you’ll need a strategy too. Even a couple of strategies if you have more kids. Sometimes, it can be really hard to take everyone’s schedule into consideration. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to get help. Grandparents and babysitter are excellent choices. Also, you should avoid long-distance DIY moving with kids. Hiring a professional company like for your Florida moving, for example, can save the day.

Preparing your kids before moving

The way you handle the time prior to moving day can have a lot of influence on your kids. In general, you should talk to your kids at least one month before the move. They will need a certain period to process the information and, usually, to calm down. Small kids and toddlers can be masters of adjusting as long as you keep them happy and occupied. They adapt faster because they are not entirely aware of what is going on. However, older kids and teenagers are a completely different story. They are mature enough to have real and genuine friendships, and that is something kids don’t take lightly. In fact, you should tread carefully with this. Very, very carefully. Don’t forget to lighten up the situation with the next few things:

  • remind them that everything they have will come with them
  • promise them some new experience and, of course, don’t break the promises
  • listen to their wishes, for real
  • remind them that everything will be all right
  • ask them up about their opinions and ideas
  • explain all the benefits of moving
  • remind them that they will meet a lot of new friends

For every question they have, give an honest and optimistic answer, if possible. This will calm them and help them prepare better for what’s coming. This is the only strategy to make your relocation simple for your kids that works,

Father and daughter drawing and talking.

Communication is very important no matter the age.

Let them be angry, they have all the right

Changes like this can affect kids a lot, mostly because of their emotional attachments. If you are moving away from grandparents, then point out that they can always visit them. In fact, these kinds of close connections are one of the most important things in the early period of adjustment. However, no matter what you say and do, there will be some kind of anger. Your kids have every right to be mad about moving. Keep your spirit and don’t blame them for this. Eventually, as time is passing, and it will take time, the negative emotion will diminish.

A kid in a red jacket crying.

They can be sad, they can be angry, but we are there to make it easy for them.

Try to be positive

Stay calm and optimistic about moving. Especially important is to not lose the temper. Kids, particularly the youngest ones, are still in the learning process. Therefore, they are learning from their parents about how to deal with emotions and how to express them. Chances are, not everything will go according to your plans, but you should keep it for yourself. By all means, don’t let them hear you talking negatively about the new home. Don’t compare the places, and if you must, then point out all the benefits and advantages of your new home. Also, try to fuel their imagination by describing all the interesting things about the new town. For example, if you are relocating with your family to Indian Rocks Beach, then talk about its sandy shores and show them pictures.

Stick to the routines to make your relocation simple for your kids

With this in mind, you will lower the stress and the shock of transition to the new environment. Also, it will help them adjust better and faster. This is especially important for babies and toddlers. So, maintain their routines and keep the familiar objects close. Everything from toys to the favourite blanket or clothes. At first, don’t try to change too much. Gradually introduce new stuff and new events so they have time to accept them. Believe it or not, small kids can suffer from a sleeping disorder because of the absence of familiar items.

Include them in the process and planning

Fortunately, this is one of the best tricks you can pull if you want to make your relocation simple for your kids. Include your kids in the planning. Ask them questions, ask for their approval, and listen to their wishes. Generally, it will be much easier for them to accept and deal with the situation if they are actively participating. Moreover, allow them to help you with packing or any other activity. This additional action can occupy their minds and lead them away from negative emotions. Additionally, you can take them to check the potential housing options with you.

Explore the neighbourhood together

If the situation allows, you should explore the new neighbourhood together. With this in mind, you can take the opportunity to show them some interesting stuff. A new zoo or waterparks, maybe some theme park or similar, are all good things to explore. Concentrate on the things that they don’t have in the old place. Also, don’t forget about other kids. Your little ones will need friends, so check the local schools, kindergartens, parks, and so on. Check how many kids are in your close proximity. By all means, you can promise them you’ll throw a party.

Carousel with horses and various colorful lights.

Exploring interesting places is like an adventure to all kids.

Finally, don’t rush the unpacking but give the priority to the most familiar things like photos and memories. It will make them feel safe and relaxed. Also, one efficient way to make your relocation simple for your kids is to keep the packing boxes. In fact, letting them play with it and allowing them to make a small mess, just for fun, can only be positive.

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