How to Measure And Install Vision Blinds

How to Measure And Install Vision Blinds

Since blinds are a versatile choice for the home and come in plastic, wood, and even a wide range of fabric styles, more and more homeowners are using blinds that can be placed in any area of ​​the home.

Tools needed to measure blinds can include a pencil to record the measurements taken, this can reduce the time of trying to remember the numbers that have been marked, and a tape measure or a cloth measure that can be stretched to any length. to measure the area covered by the vision blinds.

Once all the necessary tools are in place for the measurement, it is important to obtain an accurate measurement. When installing vision blinds, having just a half inch can leave a gap in the installation that can create an unsightly misstep in interior design.

First, determine where the vision blinds will be installed. Some types of curtains are installed on the inside of the window, creating an appearance that is flush with the wall and the sill where the curtains are installed and other types of curtains are installed on the upper window sill, completely covering the blinds. of the window.

Once you have determined where the vision blinds are to be measured, start with one side of the window and extend the tape measure or a piece of cloth tape to the other side, making sure the first side does not move into place, since this can change the measurement and cause errors when choosing the measurements of the blinds to be placed on the window.

Using these tips while measuring the area where your vision blinds will be placed in your home is an effective way to ensure you find the right look every time.

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