How to Prevent Common Packing and Moving Mishaps?

How to Prevent Common Packing and Moving Mishaps?


If you have just planned to move to a new city then you must be thinking about a number of moving tasks that are to be done. There are various moving tasks such as packing of goods, loading them onto the trucks, unloading them at the destination and then unpacking them to settle. And, each and every task is to be handled with care and perfection. However, there are some mistakes that happen if after you try to keep your moving smoother. So, this article will give you an insight into some of the common mishaps that take place and the tips in which you can avoid them.

Tips to prevent common moving mishaps

Hire babysitter in advance

Forgetting to hire the babysitter can land you in troubles on the day of moving. A babysitter will lessen your worries by taking care of your baby while letting you concentrate on the other important moving tasks. Right from playing with your kid, spoon feed to him/her, to handling their tantrums, these hired babysitters will handle your baby well.

Keep essential bag on priority

You should keep the bag of essentials ready with you. Many people overlook the importance of packing a bag of essentials and then later regret. This bag should contain all your important items that you use daily such as toothbrush, toothpaste, chargers of all devices, medicines, a pair of clothes, innerwear, basic cosmetic items etc. If you have a tendency to forge things then better to pack this essential bag a week prior.

Inform neighbors a week before

Better to inform all your close neighbors at least a week before you finally move. If you have informed them early then you can seek help from them. The close neighbors will not mind helping you in packing or taking care of your babies while you are busy with other moving tasks.

Turn on the utilities much early

Of course, you would want all your utilities to be in effect at the time of entering your new home. Right from the electricity, gas, cable, telephone to water, they should all be in working state before you enter. If you think that you will forget to do this task then you can assign it to any your responsible family member. But make sure that the utilities are in working condition at any cost.

Use moving blankets to avoid scratch

Usually, when you drag your furniture and other items on the floor especially wooden and tiled floors, they tend to leave scratches on it. In order to prevent the damage of floors, you must wrap your big items in moving blankets. With that fluff layer of protection, your floor will not get any scratches when you will drag your big items on it. So, use moving blankets and keep your smooth floor smoother.

Disassemble to make more space

If you want to save space on the storage of goods then the best idea would be to disassemble the items. There are many items that you can disassemble such as tables, couches, sofas, beds, decoration pieces and others. So, to avoid any mishap, you should prefer disassembling goods and then pack them in the wrapping material and then place them in the box.

Therefore, you must follow the above discussed tips in order to make your shifting process easier. Rest, the packers and movers that you have hired will take all the safety measures with no compromises to any of the moving task. When it comes to hiring the best packers and movers, you have to be really smart.

Since there are many online packers and movers that render moving services and guarantee absolute safety. However, it is important to note that not all packers are genuine and authentic. To ensure this, you research about the company’s background, its past history of work and its reputation in the market. In addition to this, you can read the testimonials of the customers who have already hired the services of that particular packers and movers company. It will give you a clear idea of the quality of services of such packers.

Besides this, you can also reach an online booking portal that offers references of Best packers and movers in Pune. All these referred movers are licensed, registered and absolutely legal. The portal does a proper background checking of the movers first and then only refer them further to the customers. This means that as a customer, you do not have to worry about the legality of existence of these referred companies. All you have to id to reach to such a portal through email, live chat or directly through a call. So, it’s time to hire the best, follow and the above discussed tips and make it a successful move. All the best!

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