How To Protect Your Furniture With Residential Window Tint

How To Protect Your Furniture With Residential Window Tint

Why is the importance of home window tinting so great? The answer lies in the fact that most car insurance policies do not cover accidents or damage due to vandalism or crimes caused by exterior glass on the windows of a vehicle. These are typically called “passive” glass and are what the insurance companies refer to as having “fogged” windows. If you live in an area where the crime rate is high, you will want to make sure that your windows are well secured against this kind of damage.

Why is the importance of home window tinting so great for homeowners? If you are like most people, your answer will probably be because you want to feel safe and secure when you leave your home. People tend to be less alert on their surroundings when no one is there to supervise them. When no one is watching you, it is easy to become distracted and allow yourself to be victims of unfortunate circumstances such as having your car break down on the road because you failed to secure your windows properly. Professional residential house window tinting service providers have come to the rescue with their services, providing consumers with the means to protect themselves against this kind of danger.

There are two types of home window tinting that you can apply to your windows: the first type are translucent polyester film or direct visibility films and the second are the reflective vinyl films. Translucent polyester film is also known by the name transparencies and these types of decorative films are made up of many thousands of tiny squares of clear plastic film. When sunlight hits the film, it will be reflected back and not allow light to pass through the material. If light passes through the film and goes through the transparent squares it will form a darker shade because the light has been blocked. These types of decorative films provide protection against ultraviolet (UV) light as well as the harmful rays of the sun. UV rays are the primary cause of eye cancer and cataracts.

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