How To Utilize Space In These Super Stylish And Compact Fridges?

How To Utilize Space In These Super Stylish And Compact Fridges?

There are different things to consider when you shop for a new refrigerator. One of the most important decisions is to decide which size to choose. If you are short on space, you would need a compact design fridge; some great options still give you plenty of storage room. Super stylish compact design fridges are all the rage these days. But what do you do if you only have a small amount of space to work with?

Do not worry; check out these tips on using space in your refrigerator to store food items, and also learn about the prices, advantages, and disadvantages of using these models.

What to store where:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables in the lower draws
  • Dairy products on the door shelves
  • Meats and fish on cooler parts
  • Condiments and drinks on the upper shelves of the door

Tips for maximizing your storage space:

  • Use clear or transparent storage containers so you can easily see what is inside.
  • Stack items on top of each other to make use of all the space.
  • Make use of the door shelves by storing frequently used items there.
  • Use magnetic containers to store spices and other small items.

Food organization tips:

  • Group the same items so you can easily find what you are looking for
  • Store items that are frequently used in your reach.
  • Label everything to know where it is and when it expires

 Fridge cleaning tips:

  • Clean your fridge regularly to prevent food from going bad
  • Use a mild soap and water solution to avoid damaging the finish
  • Wipe up spills immediately
  • Do not forget to clean the door seals and gasket to prevent mold growth

How to keep your food fresh:

  • Store fruits and vegetables separately in the lower or crisper drawer
  • Use the proper setting for your fridge to keep food at the right temperature
  • Do not overstuff your fridge, which prevents air from circulating properly
  • Use airtight storage containers to keep food fresh longer
  • Wrap meats and fish tightly before storing
  • Use airtight storage containers for leftovers and other perishable items
  • Check expiration dates regularly and throw out anything that is past its prime

Different sizes of compact fridges :

  • 170 litre fridge price: Rs. 6,000 – Rs. 8,500
  • 190 litre fridge price: Rs. 7,000 – Rs. 10,000
  • 210 litre fridge price: Rs. 8,000 – Rs. 12,000

These direct cool fridges, also known as a top-mount or bottom-mount, use natural convection to circulate the air. The cold air sinks and gets down to the bottom, and the warm air rises to the top of the fridge. This type of fridge is more energy-efficient than an inverter fridge.

Advantages of compact fridges:
  • More energy-efficient than an inverter fridge
  • It is less expensive than an inverter fridge
  • Simple design is easy to maintain and repair
  • Does not require a power source, so it is useful in off-grid homes
Disadvantages of the compact fridges:
  • The air circulation is not as evenly distributed as in an inverter fridge, so that food may spoil more quickly.
  • The fridge will need to be defrosted manually, which can be a hassle
  • May not be as energy-efficient in hot climates

Hence, a super stylish compact design direct cool refrigerator is all the rage for a good reason! They save space without sacrificing style. But with a limited amount of space to work with, make sure that you’re using every nook and cranny to store your food.

The types of refrigerators available today are far more varied and affordable at various price points, allowing people to choose the type of refrigerator that best fits their home, style, and needs. Use these tips and techniques to buy a perfect fridge for your home and take good care of it to last longer.


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