How You Can Save Yourself from Moving Scams

How You Can Save Yourself from Moving Scams

Scams and moving they walk parallel. When you are supposed to move with your belongings to a different place you are always surrounded with a worry whether the things will get on safe there or not. Moving scam is a very popular phenomenon of the process. This can throw a wrench into even the most organized move. Moving scams are, unfortunately, prevalent in this industry, but a well-informed consumer can prevent this. Check out these tips for avoiding moving scams.

Check References: Many companies out there will be available with the references of their past customer. You can check the references whether genuine or not. Also know about what they liked and disliked about the company. In addition to family and friends, seek out referrals from local real estate agents, as they often deal with movers on a frequent basis.

Enquire: Find out the moving company’s full legal name, how long they’ve been in business, and how they can be reached. Make sure they’re licensed, bonded and insured, and follow up on that with the local department of transportation. It is required on your part to know everything well aware about the company.

Don’t Deposit Full Amount at Once:  One of the most common moving scams is a deposit scam, where the movers take your deposit and then disappear. Reputable movers won’t ask for all cash upfront – you are expected to pay at the time of goods delivery. You are suggested not to get engaged with such a company that demands for moving cost upfront. Also a company that takes whole amount is cash is little bit doubtful.

Before Signing Contract: You are suggested to avoid signing blank contracts, particularly in regards to inventory list.  Get everything in writing, with a clear amount that outlines possible extra fees, pickup dates and delivery dates. Don’t feel rushed and sign without going over every line.

Be a smart and attentive customer so that you may be cheated by House shifting services in Bangalore. Save yourself from moving scams and move safe and secure.

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