The Lives Within: 7 Benefits of Having Indoor Plants at Home

The Lives Within: 7 Benefits of Having Indoor Plants at Home

It’s always a lovely thing to put special effort into making your house a comfortable home. Of course, it’s where you stay and live. Keeping it favorable in all ways is very important. It affects your life and the lives of everybody inside your house.

There are many ways through which you can help your house become a nice home. You can add decorations, put the most excellent quality furniture, have your custom home designs applied and many more! But one of the simplest yet very advantageous is placing indoor plants on the right areas and corners. 

Many people hesitate having plants inside their house because they don’t think it’ll actually work since plants are supposed to be usually outside, receiving sunlight as they obviously do. But indoor plants actually have tons of great and amazing stuff to give! What are they? Check them out from the list below!


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Indoor plants are instant accessories to your house. With their beauty and elegance, your house can surely be beautified and enhanced. These plants make your house more visually pleasing, and in fact, with plants near your bed or in your living room, you can feel more homey inside your home.

Especially if you bring in your favorite plants, you will surely make an even more attractive interior. No need for too many picture frames and paintings on your wall to make art happen inside your house. Famulous plants that bring color and life to your shelter’s walls and floors would definitely be satisfyingly enough!

What’s more, indoor plants change the physical appearance of your spaces. They add what’s missing to a dull-looking living room or dining room. Their lives alone can spread vibrance around the house! Especially with prettily colored and designed pots and plant containers, your house will surely offer a sight that’s very delightful to encounter.

Indoor plants help you achieve the vibe and feel you’d like your house to have through affecting its physical appearance! You can never go wrong with them!



It’s not at all a secret that it’s very important to be surrounded by trees and plants. They are very important elements in the environment, and they help humans and animals live and breathe well.

It’s the same thing when plants are placed indoors. They still release oxygen and take in carbon dioxide, and of course, for humans and animals, it’s the other way around. That means having indoor plants at home can increase oxygen levels, and make the air you breathe better. 

When photosynthesis pauses at night time because the sun is no longer up, plants take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide. You’d say indoor plants won’t work well if that’s the case, but, be informed that there are also some plants that don’t work that way. Succulents orchids and epiphytic bromeliads, which are actually ideal for indoor use, still get carbon dioxide and give off oxygen even at night. That means you can put them in your bedroom, so you have a rejuvenating air quality as you sleep.

There are pollutants at home even when you are just inside, so you need indoor plants to help eliminate them. Of course, you have to consider vital aspects like the size of the plant you will put relative to the size of the indoor space since that gives an idea of how much toxins are present in the air that circulates. You can be healthier and breathe healthier inside your home.



Your house becomes more stimulating and interesting when there are plants inside. Since air quality is better and the surroundings are made much more pleasing, everybody’s mood becomes good as well. 

The environment where you are in indubitably affect your mood. Indoor plants aid in setting the atmosphere too. A more rested mood combined with glee is what you get.



Indoor plants can help make your house and even quieter and more peaceful place as background noise levels are being reduced. Leaves of plants reflect background noise. When you are inside your house, you will be highly benefited with them, especially if your house’s location is sort of in the middle of an urban area. 

For this matter, you must speak with your interior designer and/or custom home builder, so you can have your house created with good features for indoor plants’ noise reduction function. It’s a huge convenience if you plan ahead of time for a more controlled noise coming in your safe and tranquil place.



You know how going to provinces to see the majestic beauty of nature is such a goal for busy people working in urban areas! It’s tiring to see tall buildings, smoke-belching vehicles and heavy traffic every single day! Being close to greenery creates a feeling of relaxation and home.

While you cannot travel to nature vacation spots yet, you can start being near nature at home. Through them, you can minus a lot of stress! Your place is quieter, cleaner and greener, and it’s so refreshing just by imagining it!

Being in touch with nature, even with just indoor plants, is an enormous help to make your day a beautiful one! Furthermore, taking care of them is absolutely a stress-reliever!


Indoor plants can be therapeutic as well. Taking care of plants can also have an essential role in a person’s recovery process in horticultural therapy. This therapy is the involvement of a person in plant-based activities to reach certain therapeutic treatment aims. A professional therapist manages it, so those who need will be helped and assisted in the proper and best ways.



Productivity can be achieved easier and more effectively with plants in your house. Since they can help you create a healthier space for yourself and for your family, sick days are avoided. Your house will have a happier vibe as well which drives motivation and enthusiasm at home.

You can do household chores better and even work and study better because your house is made into a perfect learning environment. You can’t be lazy since friendly plants drive you to move actively and conveniently too! You can accomplish more tasks and can get ready for more to come!

It’s fun to be productive in a pleasing setting!


Some people think that plants inside the house are just for style and design, but no, they are not JUST like that. Tons of advantages are there, and they will really come to place since those lives within aren’t kidding at all. You can breathe well and live well inside and outside your house. You are nourished to be a healthy person inside, so when you go out, you can be healthy as well and resist viruses and other harmful elements outdoors. 

Indoor plants are the lives within your home that need you and that you need too.

AUTHOR BIO: For Nicole Ann Pore, as cliche as it sounds, there is no place like home. She believes that is not only a responsibility but also a privilege to create and take care of a house where home is built. Nicole writes on topics that reveal the essence of a nice home, as well as home care and improvement tips. She is a daytime writer for Wincrest Bespoke, one of New South Wales’ most experienced home residential builders. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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