What to Look for When Buying a House in 2020?

What to Look for When Buying a House in 2020?

Interesting truth about buying a property –  it is a daunting experience for most of you. House hunters have many details to look into while exploring the market for future homes. You will have to consider the location, its proximity to schools and other amenities like supermarkets and stores, as well as the transport links. Moreover, you want to get the best bargains too! Get in touch with the leading estate agents in your area for the best property deals.

The seven priceless tips for buying a house in 2020:

Get your plans and wishlist right

When the market is slow, you can find deals. What to look for in buying a house in 2020? There are different types of property in the market. Some of you prefer to move into a home that’s all done up and ready to occupy. Whereas, some may have ideas of your own and enjoy renovating the house. If you’re looking for a property in Bromley or anywhere else for that matter, you need to be decisive about your views. A ready mortgage package with your paperwork in the right order and the best estate agents in Bromley to negotiate is a great way to find bargains.

A good idea of the interior and exterior designs you need will help you negotiate the buying price better. Do you like a ready house with interiors newly done? Or you prefer to involve in the renovations and have plans for your home interiors? The home interior design aspect is a significant point to think of while shortlisting a house. You will end up spending considerable time and efforts to renovate a house. So it’s good to weigh your options with time availability, interests and budget before you decide on the perfect home.

A home with a garden would appeal to many of you. The views of a beautiful garden and its freshness are great for your wellness. However, the garden exterior, although welcome, also requires tending and care. So if you’re busy with no time or inclination to roll up your sleeves for gardening, then opt for a house without a garden.

Space and floorplans are crucial. For instance, the number of bedrooms in the house has to be considered in advance. The size of each room and it’s fit for your requirements most essential. Perhaps, even the position of the fireplace may be looked into during a property search! So its always good to make a wishlist along with your estate agent before you start.

Yes, you need a great estate agent

With so many ideas and dreams, it’s easier to get expert advice from local estate agents. They will have all the knowledge and information on the most beautiful properties available for sale in your area. You will have the assurance of getting the right property suggestions and best deals possible. The local agents, furthermore, understand the property market and can offer you timely investment ideas.

Evaluate the future value of the house

The year 2020 can be slow, and you can expect to find bargains. It is a year for successful property investments. Your next questions are –  Is it the right price? Can I expect an asset value appreciation? That depends on many factors. Sometimes, property in a high street but with an unimpressive house may come-up as a deal. Or there can be a house in an upcoming locality showing early signs of development are also welcome- like a forthcoming supermarket or a popular cafe. Go for it. Although you will spend on minor modifications, this house can be your valuable asset in the next few years.

You could look into regeneration areas too. That is, it ‘s a long-term view, and the increase in value happens over time. Or a  house with an extension possibility can be a potential bargain. You have the option of extending into the roof for another room or the garden for additional living space in future. Basements are expensive though.

Is it a leafy area?

Who wouldn’t love green communities? You may want to add this to your list. A lush surrounding with abundant fresh air and a beautiful view is a definite yes. Quiet roads where you can enjoy your walks or the play areas for children is what truly makes your living peaceful. The wellness benefits of these serene areas are valued more for peaceful living away from the buzz of cities.

Transport is a factor

You cannot finalise your house without knowing it’s public transport connections. It is the most significant while zeroing on a property. Furthermore, the local stations and public transport links are essential for future asset value appreciation. So make sure you check if the area is well – connected to the major localities in London, particularly your workplace.

Great schools and convenience

Look for schools with top-rated results in the area, so you have options when you need them. You will find that localities with good schools are in high demand for living, investments as well as rentals. Whether you are buying the house to move-in yourself, or for rental gains, a local school with five-star ratings is something you have to add to your checklist.

Who doesn’t love the convenience of shopping close to home? So local shopping is an essential checkpoint in your house hunt. You will appreciate the convenience of a shopping-spree that’s only a few streets away. There’s no need to get into the hustle of using your car or the public transport for your shopping.

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