Makeover Your Deck in St. Louis with Outdoor Furniture

Makeover Your Deck in St. Louis with Outdoor Furniture

Attractive deck furniture can create the ideal seating environment, be it for relaxing or entertaining. The following tips can give your outdoor space the makeover they need.

Garden Table with an Integrated Fire Pit

Fire pits create a warm atmosphere on any deck or patio, providing the perfect setting for conversations and relaxing evenings under the stars. A round or oval model with central pit is best suited to seating areas, while round fire tables may be placed near sofas or benches for conversational nooks. Look for options with glass pieces, lava rocks or wood for an organic aesthetic.

An inexpensive coat of stain can do wonders for an outdated deck, giving it new life and helping protect against mold, rot and water damage over time. Before painting or staining begins, however, make sure that the surface has been prepared by sanding and power-washing to ensure that its new coating adheres well and resists moisture effectively.

Your outdoor space can benefit from some lush plants. Add some to frame a cozy seating area on your deck with this dense clematis vine or try planting rows of head-high pots along its perimeter. Or create living privacy walls by growing various tropical species up a wooden square lattice latticework.


Daybeds can create the ideal outdoor relaxation spot. The hybrid pieces like these provide both comfortable seating during the daytime, as well as a twin-sized bed at night – choose from stylish designs such as teak options.

Before shopping for a daybed, first determine whether it will serve as either a chair or bed. Choose a style that complements both your personality and that of your outdoor furniture if using it as an everyday seat; for maximum support during sitting on this piece we advise opting for thinner mattresses or using back cushions to add stability while sitting.

Daybeds may seem like a waste of space, but they can actually make an excellent addition to any patio. Their couch-like design provides ample seating and relaxation on warm summer days when combined with books you have been meaning to read or an elegant bar cart stocked with beverages for guests and family members.


Ottoman Empire-born ottomans provide versatile seating and footrest options that fit into any style and decor; from formal tufted designs to casual sofa-like pieces, ottomans provide easy ways to bring comfort and functionality to any deck or patio area.

Create an inviting outdoor lounge area by layering plush outdoor sofas and poufs in vibrant colors or patterns. This can be done with outdoor furniture in St. Louis or with decorative accessories like art prints, metallic planters and sun catchers from your collection to complete the look. Add ottomans as additional seating or storage solutions.

Take full advantage of your view, whether of the beach or city skyline. Choose furniture and decor pieces that don’t detract from its splendor – such as cool ocean blues for seafront properties and warm industrial neutrals in urban settings.

Add an ottoman or two to your living room layout to create an inviting, relaxing and entertaining spot. Ottomans serve multiple purposes – extra seating and tables during summer reading sessions as well as extra storage space!


Chaise Lounges

A chaise lounge is more than just another chair; it’s an indispensable deck accessory that combines maximum comfort and style. Perfect for reading a book, sipping cocktails or just conversing with friends on your deck, chaise lounges offer relaxation on any outdoor space.

Chaise lounges come in various frame materials, from aluminum and cast iron, wood, teak, wicker and recycled plastic; as well as different upholstery choices including sling, cushion strap metal mesh or even woven rattan for ultimate comfort and color options.

If your home is modern in design, try pairing a sleek gray rattan patio set with an earthy-brown woven chaise lounge to add some boho flair to the outdoors ( This pairing will inject some boho-chic charm into the outdoors!

Accent Pillows

Accessories can play an essential part in defining the style of a deck, just as much as furniture itself. Accent pillows add color while textures combine for an eclectic yet cohesive aesthetic. Pillow sets may be purchased alongside furniture but may also be sold individually to help refresh a seating area at minimal cost.

Refinishing or painting existing wood furniture is an effective and inexpensive way to give any room an updated feel. Consider building your own garden furniture; this DIY project can be finished within one weekend and could save money by saving yourself the purchase costs for new pieces.

An outdoor deck is the ideal venue to host friends and family. Rearrange your chairs to facilitate conversation, and then set up a table in the center of the seating zone so drinks and snacks can be readily accessible. Add texture with textural vases, throws draped over chairs, and tea lights for an inviting evening gathering spot.

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