Why Mirror Frames Has Been The Most Appreciated House?

Why Mirror Frames Has Been The Most Appreciated House?

The World is evolving after every passing day. New trends are emerging in almost everything from health, beauty to even interior décor. Also, the old classics are usually presented in a new way. The same has happened with interior designing as well.

Lamps, table and chairs are needed by people from a long time. However, their aesthetics and pattern have kept on changing over the years. Even people have experimented with mirrors and its frames. Mirrors look pretty on the wall and there are also a lot of iconic stories surrounding the mirror.

Mirrors provide with a complete backward world behind the mirror. Thus, many people are intrigued and hence, a lot of tales are narrated. The most iconic story is the Evil Queen from Snow White. Her mirror and its frame was very unique.

Mirrors are used for different purposes. It can be hung on wall for viewing your reflection or simply for decorating a wall. A mirror can also be used near the opening of a small room as it can make it look visually big.

It does not matter how you use a mirror, make sure you choose one that is unique and different. There are a lot of different kinds of mirrors and frames that are available in the market. Think about those aspects and designs and then choose different mirror frames. Read on to find out the different features of a mirror and its frames.

Size and Shape

It is important to think about the purpose behind designing a mirror. It is just for the aesthetic or is it for creating an illusion of the space. After that, think about the space you want to hang the mirror in. A bathroom mirror will not be the same as a bedroom mirror. The same way a mirror in the office will be far different from a mirror in the living room.

Thus, the size of your mirror will be decided on that particular aspect. At the same time, mirrors at certain places are necessary. For example: You need a mirror in the bathroom. Although, it is important to understand its functionality there. People will use it for combing their hair, doing makeup or for shaving. Hence, the mirror can be small. It does not need to be of full size. At the same time, a mirror in the bedroom needs to be full size as people use it to check their overall look. They might want to check the fit of their garment which is floor length.

Now, the shape of the mirror would depend on the rest of the room. A mirror which looks more like a picture usually looks like a piece of the furniture. It will add on to the overall aesthetic of the room and is more like a permanent fixture. A rectangle or a square shaped mirror is used when the theme of the interiors is modern or bold. At the same time, a circle or an oval mirror reflect classic and soft style.


Mirrors can be made from any type of glass. There are a lot of different varieties available in the market. It is possible to find a style which can suit your personality and taste. The glass of the mirror can be clear, coloured, float and even blown. It is also possible to create something where there is a hint of all the styles. Although, the most common material that is used to make the mirrors is float glass. Also, the typical windows are made from this kind of glass.

The quality of the glass can be determined on the basis of the metal which goes back behind the glass. Basically, this thing makes the overall difference in the look and style of the glass. The typical mirrors are made from a layer of silver. It is basically painted over as a protection for the metals. The metal basically reflects the refracted light that passes through the glass.

Although, it is possible for you to have your mirror custom made with any kind of glass and metal combination. Just make sure the combination is practical and not bizarre. Apart from that, mirror glasses can be stylized. Etching and cuts can be made as per your wish or design. Such things can be carried out with mirrors which are especially made for aesthetic purpose. These type of mirrors are mostly used in restaurants, offices and even living rooms. Although, people also use decorative mirrors in their bathrooms and bedrooms which contain an outer edge etching or bevelling.

Mirror Frames

These also play a very important part in the overall beauty of the mirror. The whole look of a mirror changes once a frame is added to it. Experimentation with different frames can be done easily. Materials like wood, metal, antique finish, plastic and even jet black can be used. Some fancy and decorative mirrors also contain unique frames. These frames are basically decorated with shells, artificial flowers, metal flowers and even clay.

The possibilities are endless. You can get coloured frames to match with the interior of your bedroom, office or even your living room. It is wise to check with your interior designer as he will be able to suggest you the different kinds of materials that can be used for the same. Opting for vintage and classic wood frames always looks good on mirrors.

Apart from that, Feng Shui has certain places where a mirror should be placed as it brings good luck, peace and prosperity in your life. The dining room basically represents the wealth vault in a person’s house. Thus, the most suitable place for a mirror is the dining room as it will visually increase the size of your vault and the capacity to hold wealth. Thus, you can plan to hang a fancy and a big mirror there.

Mirror Frames really add on to the beauty of the house. Consider all the aspects and get nice mirrors made for your house and then contact experts like Art and Frames for professional solutions.

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