Modern Home Appliances that are Important for Your Home

Modern Home Appliances that are Important for Your Home

Whether you are moving to a new house, renovating your current living space, or want to buy newer models, it is important that you bring home modern home appliances to make your life easier. Today, we have smarter home appliances that can listen to our commands; from smart TVs to smart refrigerators, home appliances have become more intuitive.

Here is a list of modern appliances that are important for every modern household.

Washing Machine

Washing machines, similar to TVs and refrigerators, have become an integral part of modern households. Given the wide array of options that are available in the market, it is possible to choose a washing machine that is tailor-made for your needs. 

You can now purchase a fully-automatic, semi-automatic, top-load or front-load model based on your requirements and within your budget. These days Front loading washing machine has become extremely popular among consumers, because of their features, technology and functionality, and the convenience they provide to the consumer. 

Brands like Samsung, Whirlpool and LG offer impressive models that come with the latest features and technology. For example, the LG 7 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (FH2G6HDNL42) comes with 6 Motion Control technology, Inverter Direct Drive, water-proof touch panel and smart diagnosis features, making it one of the best washing machines available in the market today.

Smart TV

We have come a long way from box TV sets, which were prevalent two decades ago. Today, smart TVs have become ubiquitous, owing to their popularity and affordability. With brands like Mi, VU and now OnePlus entering the Indian market and offering smart TVs at budget-friendly prices, one needn’t dig deep into their wallet to purchase a new smart TV.

Smart TVs offer greater convenience, as you can surf the web, watch your favourite movies and shows on OTT platforms such as Netflix and Prime Video, or convert your smart TV into your personal computer and get your work done. Furthermore, smart TVs also come with voice assistant options, such as Google Assistant and Alexa, so that you can watch your favourite content without any hassles.


Refrigerators have become an integral part of every modern household, and we rely on refrigerators to provide us with much-needed reprieve, particularly during the harsh summer months. Furthermore, refrigerators also help us in storing away our food items, dairy products and vegetables, without having to worry about them getting spoilt.

Depending upon the number of people living in a household, you can opt for a single-door or double-door fridge. It is also important to consider the refrigerator’s capacity, along with other modern features while purchasing a new model.

For instance, the LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator comes with a smart inverter compressor and 260L capacity, making it ideal for families with 4-5 members. It also comes with a 3-star energy rating, and is considered by many to be the best refrigerator under Rs. 25,000.

Air Conditioner

With the temperatures going up, air conditioners have now become a necessity. Most of us rely on our air conditioning units to keep us safe and comfortable during the blistering summers, and to provide us warmth and reprieve during the cold winters, as air conditioning units now come with reversing valves. Modern air conditioners come with heating modes, and can keep us cosy by increasing the indoor temperatures during winters.

Furthermore, air conditioners today are more energy efficient, use eco-friendly refrigerants, and come with a plethora of modern features. For instance, the LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Split AC, widely considered to be the best AC in India comes with impressive features like dual cool technology, active energy control and smart diagnosis, enabling you to experience the best-in-class air conditioning, while going easy on your utility bills.

Water Purifier

Considering the amount of contaminants, pollutants and chemicals we now find in our water, water purifiers have become essential appliances in modern homes. Using new-age filtration systems, water filters purify the water, making it safer for us to drink the water without worrying about heavy metals or other harmful contaminants.

Most of the modern water purifiers use multiple filtration systems, and remove the contaminants using reverse osmosis (RO), ultraviolet rays (UV), ultrafiltration (UF) and total dissolved solids (TDS) processes.

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