Packing Tips for Moving Cross-Country

Packing Tips for Moving Cross-Country

Packing for a cross-country move is never as easy as it may seem to be. As you start to pack everything into boxes, you may be stumped by the sheer amount of stuff that you actually have to bring along with you.

Instead of letting the stress get to you and making mistakes when you pack, here are a few useful tips that you could try out to make the whole process easier:

Do not keep what you do not need

The number one rule when packing for a cross-country move is to discard anything you do not need. If you have clothing that you haven’t worn in a long time or items that you didn’t even know you owned – odds are you don’t need it, and you can put it in the donation pile.

By only packing what you need, you’ll cut down on the number of boxes you need to move and the time it takes to pack. In turn, it will also lower the overall cost of moving too.

Put shoes in shoe boxes

Using shoe boxes to pack your shoes is a great way to keep them organized and undamaged. It will make both packing and unpacking easier, and ensure you don’t accidentally lose a shoe. If you don’t have the boxes that your shoes came in, use another similar-sized box instead.

Cut out box handles of your own

One easy way to speed up a move is to cut out box handles of your own. All you need to do is cut a triangular wedge (or a ‘U’) into the sides of your boxes to make it easy for you to ‘grab and go.’

Pack a box with all your essentials

The most important box to pack when you’re going through a large-scale move is your ‘essentials’ box. It is a box that should have everything you need for your first few days and nights in your new home.

If you do pack an essential box when you arrive at your destination, you just need to find and unpack it. Once you do, you won’t be in a rush, and you can take your time when unpacking and organizing the rest of the boxes.

Be strategic when packing and loading the truck

Planning when you pack and load your truck can help you to save on a lot of work later on. The best method is to pack and organize boxes based on each room so that you can easily unload and unpack them. Although it will be a bit of extra work on your part, it will cut down on the hassle later on.

If you use all these tips, it should make packing for your cross-country move much more manageable. Of course, if you really want to have an easy time, you should think about engaging a professional mover such as Mega Van Lines Inc to take care of most of the grunt work.

The more careful and conscientious you are when you pack, the smoother your move is likely to be.

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