Planning For Wooden Flooring? Learn About Different Types Of Available Flooring Options

Planning For Wooden Flooring? Learn About Different Types Of Available Flooring Options

Timber is one of the natural living products, which have been a popular flooring choice throughout history. Timber floors are the ultimate source of elegance and warmth for any home. These days, wooden flooring is a sought-after addition for many homeowners in Melbourne. There are many different species of timber flooring available. Different species are used for different purposes.

While talking about Melbourne homeowner’s choice; solid timber flooring in Melbourne is getting popular day by day. However, to fruitfully leverage the benefits of this natural flooring material, it is essential to know the different types of species that are available to us.

Learning about the types of flooring will ensure that we have used the right type of flooring for our home. This article will brief about different types of flooring and its pros.


As the name suggests, solid hardwood is a tougher wood type than the other woods available. Mahogany, teak, walnut, oak, ash, birch and maple are a few examples of hardwood type wood.

One thing which is common among these hardwood types of woods is that they all come from deciduous trees. Hardwoods are an excellent way to add visual appeal to our home. It is potentially strong and will stand still in harsh wear and tear that life underfoot throws.


Softwoods come from the wood that is cut from the trees belonging to gymnosperms. While the hardwood wood comes from deciduous or angiosperm trees, softwood comes from trees that are conifers. Softwoods grow much faster than the hardwoods. Pine, cedar, larch, and spruce are a few examples of softwood.

Softwood is typically less expensive than the hardwood, and that is why it is widely used are a primary construction material for structural lumber, building components, furniture, packing, and so on.

Engineered wood

Engineered wood has many names. Engineered wood, also known as man-made wood, mass timber, composite wood, or manufactured board.  This wood is a wood product derived from binding or fixing various wood products such as strands, fibers, particles, or veneers or boards of wood.

Typically engineered wood is made from the hardwood and softwood that is used to produced lumber. Plywood, MDF, fiberboard, finger joint, beams, or particleboard are a few types of engineered wood products. Engineered wood is made up by bonding several layers of ply or high-density fiberboard (HDF) for creating a core bond. This will eventually make up the inner sandwich, which is then topped with a top layer, or solid wood lamella.

Once we decide to opt wood as a primary flooring material, there will be a lot of chaos in deciding which wood type to use. The choice between hardwood, softwood, and engineered wood might get difficult, as there will be a number of factors to consider before finally opting for any wood.

Factors such as purpose, budget, the color of natural wood that we are looking for, and so on. While our personal taste and preference will have a huge influence on our decision, it is vital to take the help of experts.

To make the right flooring decision, experts like Uptons can help us with the best. They have profound skills and knowledge about woods. They specialize in helping people choose the most suitable type of wood for their flooring goals. Smart advice is far better than a huge regret.

If we are in any dilemma choosing the type of wood or looking for quality wood or timber decking in Melbourne, Upton is a one-stop destination for top-notch quality construction material such as wood, steel, plywood, and so on.

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