Relaxation Time : Top 5 Peaceful Paint Colors

Relaxation Time : Top 5 Peaceful Paint Colors

Almost halfway through the year and we’ve already gone under so much stress. Not everyone has the time to ease those troubles away on a vacation or a wellness retreat at the spa. One way of erasing all those headaches and back pains away is to create a calm and peaceful environment at home. This can be done through both interior and exterior painting of your house. You can start changing your house from within and then proceed to its exterior. The interior repainting can start from your bedrooms and bathrooms, which should be the sanctuaries of your home.

Aside from the elimination of clutter, changing your bathroom and bedroom paint colors is a quick, cheap and easy way to create a soothing environment. You can use stress reducing colors matching your personal preferences, which would be create relaxing and in harmonious atmosphere in your home. Here are some color suggestions for you to keep in mind:

Stress Reducing Colors to Calm you

Pale Blue and Deep Blue

It’s always good to turn to nature when looking for hues that soothe and relax. Pale blue is the color of the sky on a clear and warm day while deep blue is the color of the ocean. Any shade of blue is great because it’s a cool color but pale shades of blue provide instant relief to sensory overload.

If you’re leaning towards a darker shade of blue go for navy blue or blue shades with gray undertones like Delft blue. Avoid bright blue colors like royal blue if you want to stick to a tranquil palette.

Mint Green

A soothing and refreshing color, mint green is just like how you would describe the herb mint. It goes well as a bedroom paint color, for the bathroom and even the kitchen as a backdrop for stained wood cabinets or even light-colored woods like maple and birch.


Purple may be a difficult color to work with in other areas of the home but as a bedroom paint color, it’s absolutely perfect. It’s sexy and elegant but since it has the cool tones of blue, it’s still a soothing color.

Lavender is very youthful and fresh which is why it’s used a lot on nurseries but don’t let that discourage you from using it in other parts of your home. Pale and rosy pink lavender evokes softness that’s perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms. If you want to paint other parts of your house with lavender without making it too feminine, pick a shade of lavender that’s bordering on gray.


Gray has managed to unseat beige as the favorite neutral color. The right shade pairs off nicely with light and medium wood tones and many types of stone. At the same time, gray is an elegant color and much like black provides drama. Gray has been finding its way towards intimate spaces and aside from being an eye-pleasing color, it’s gender neutral meant for partner.


We simply can’t forget beige even if gray already exists. Beige is a classic, remaining popular among designers and homeowners alike. t’s one of the safest colors to use, going well with almost any texture, color or material. While others find it boring, many have turned to beige as their calming color.

Mixture of Colors

Creating a calm environment doesn’t have to be boring. On the contrary, creating an oasis requires a mixture of textures, colors and materials. Here are a few color palettes that you can try for your home based on the 5 colors mentioned above.

Monochromatic Gray

Minimalism plays a huge part in creating peaceful spaces; what better way to achieve that with color than by choosing a monochromatic palette? Choose a light gray color for your walls and go darker with accents. Complete the look by adding silver accents.

Blue and Green

These two colors are already great on their own but combined together it’s refreshing. Blue and green are both hues that are inspired by the sea, sky and trees, the perfect elements of an oasis. Set against a white backdrop or accented with medium tone woods, this combo will never get old.

Pastel Colors

If there’s someone we should take a cue from when it comes to designing cozy, warm and peaceful spaces it’s the Scandinavians. Because they have long winters, they’re all about Hygge. Hygge is a Danish word, which basically translates to coziness, comfort and feelings of contentment. Taking a cue from them, Scandinavian interiors are all about light and pastel colors, simple almost minimalist with lots of natural elements. Scandinavian designs are the very definition of a peaceful space.

Find your Soothing Color

Knowing the difference between warm and cool colors can help you become more confident in choosing and creating color schemes. Warmer colors tend to draw in spaces; it’s also more vibrant and energetic. Cool colors, on the other hand, expand a space making it look airy. If we’re going to go by definition cool colors are more soothing to look. However, people have different perceptions of colors. Some may find peace in lighter colored rooms while some may lean towards darker colored areas. It all depends on your personal color preferences To find a color that resonates with you the most, talk to color experts, designers or paint contractors.

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