Spring Makeover Ideas for Your Home Exterior

Spring Makeover Ideas for Your Home Exterior

It seems that home exterior makeovers are always in the shadow of interior design. In reality, it’s important for your home to be spotless and well-maintained inside-out. Your home exterior is the first impression your visitors get about you and where you live. As well as that, the exterior plays an important part in preserving your house and maintaining its elegant and sophisticated image. Since spring is the season of life, it might be the perfect opportunity to bring new life to the outside of your home.

1. Make a stone path

If you don’t already have a stone path leading up to your home, maybe you should consider making one. Instead of just concrete or grass bringing people to the front door, they’ll be guided by something better than the yellow brick road.

If you want something elegant but creative, definitely consider adding the stone path. You’ll get to play with the design and the pattern, as well as the shape of your path. You can also add some outdoor lights alongside the path to add an extra layer of elegance to the front yard.

2. Update your house number

Your house number may not seem like something important, but it can completely change the way people perceive your house exterior. Since you’ve probably been neglecting this detail, it can be expected that it’s rusty or faded. You can buy completely new numbers or repaint them so they look bold and fresh.

As well as that, you can approach your house number in a different way. One modern house number trend is to laser cut your number into a plaque of wood. This method has proven to be durable and effective, as it adds an edge to your home and doesn’t rust or fade.

3. Add some flowers

It’s spring and everything is blooming. Why not make use of this fact and add some flowers to your front yard? Your porch could benefit from some nice flowers, too. You can choose different plants and create pretty colour schemes, thus making the front of your home look like artwork. There are various ways you can add flowers to your home. First, you could buy some pots and work with plants that way. Or, on the other hand, you can simply plant a few bushes and flowers.

Finally, if your porch seems empty regardless of what you do, you can buy hanging pots and decorate all sides of the porch. As well as adding decorative flowers, you can have some useful plants like lavender. It has a strong and nice smell, but it also keeps insects at bay, making your evenings in the warm weather much more comfortable.

4. Fix the doors

No one pays attention to the front door and the garage doors as long as they’re doing their job of opening and closing. Even when they have difficulty working, fixing the front and garage door is usually somewhere low on your to-do list. Well, this spring it’s time for a complete makeover. First of all, devote some time to the front and garage doors repair. Make sure the hinges don’t make any noise and that there’s nothing stopping the doors from opening and closing smoothly. You can also hire a professional for some expert guidance and help.

When that part is done, you’re free to be as creative as you want. You can repaint the doors and give them a whole new look. In fact, let your kids help you. This way, you’ll have some family bonding time while giving your doors a personal touch.

5. Repaint the house

While on the topic of painting, why not repaint the whole house? It’s surely been a while since you’ve put a new layer of paint on your home. The old colour has probably faded and peeled by now. Spring is the perfect time for a full makeover because it’s not hot enough to make the task tedious, but it is warm enough to make the paint dry quickly.

When painting the exterior of your home, make sure you’re working with the right kind of paint. Often enough, people don’t realize that there is a difference between inside and outside colours. In fact, they choose the paint simply based on the colour. If you choose exterior shades though, the paint will last longer and be more resistant to weather.


Though it may seem like there’s nothing to be done to improve the house exterior, you’ll notice that there are actually plenty of useful things on this list. These ideas will help your home stay fresh and even more durable for the years to come. As well as that, they’ll take care of the little details you deem unimportant, when in fact, it’s those details that are keeping everything together.

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