Step by step instructions to Reinforce a Curtain Rod and Prevent Wall Damage

Step by step instructions to Reinforce a Curtain Rod and Prevent Wall Damage

You’ve invested a huge amount of energy and cash looking into window ornaments, purchasing exorbitant equipment and hanging your draperies. The exact opposite thing you need to see is a hanging made to measure blinds and curtains pole and screws dropping out of the dividers. What would you be able to do to forestall it? 

Specific kinds of drapes and window ornament bars require additional help to stay flawless and forestall divider harm. 

You should avoid potential risk to fortify your window ornament pole if: 

  • Your blinds are made of an overwhelming material 
  • You’re introducing shades that spread a long window length 
  • You’re introducing window ornament bar sections on mortar or drywall 

On the off chance that any of these circumstances concern you, you’ll have to put resources into additional materials to fortify your shades. This is what you have to know. 

Step by step instructions to Reinforce a Curtain Rod Using Traditional Brackets 

Customary shade pole sections are introduced into the divider with screws. They require an entire host of provisions to set up: screws, a screwdriver, a force drill, a stud discoverer and a level. 

How about we investigate the most ideal approaches to strengthen a drape pole in like manner shade hanging circumstances.

Step by step instructions to Reinforce a Curtain Rod and Prevent Wall Damage

Installing Heavy Curtains 

In case you’re introducing overwhelming draperies, you’ll need a forte window ornament bar that is intended to hold additional weight. On the off chance that your drape bar is excessively feeble, the heaviness of the draperies will make the blind pole hang in the center, and conceivably even break. 

Textures like power outage shades, interlining or thick drapery, for example, velvet all require rock solid window ornament poles. 

Installing a Curtain Rod in Drywall 

When hanging customary shade pole sections, you’ll have to make sense of if there’s a stud behind the drywall where you’re penetrating a gap. 

In the event that there is a stud, you can get by utilizing only a screw. Screwing legitimately into a stud is the most secure approach to help your drape pole and sections, so you ought to consistently attempt to find a stud over your window before attempting different techniques. 

In the event that there isn’t a stud, you’ll have to utilize a drywall stay and a screw to strengthen your blind bar sections. Without a drywall grapple, a screw won’t have the option to hold the heaviness of your window ornament pole. You chance hauling the sections out of the divider and causing bothersome harm.

Installing a Curtain Rod in Plaster Walls 

On the off chance that you have mortar dividers, you may locate that ordinary divider grapples and screws fall directly out of the divider. You’ll have to utilize a more drawn out screw than the one that accompanies your drapery equipment. Ensure you screw through the mortar and into the encircling around the window to keep the sections set up. 

Draping Curtains Over Long Windows 

Need to drape blinds on wide windows? On the off chance that your draperies spread a long window length, you’ll have to introduce a practical help section to fortify the blind bar and keep it from hanging in the center. As a dependable guideline, automated blinds and curtains poles need a help section each 30-36 inches. On the off chance that your window expands longer than 60 inches, you’ll have to purchase two help sections.

How to Reinforce a Curtain Rod with Brackets

Fortifying blind bars is no simple accomplishment. Also, investigating the correct sort of equipment to help your drapery bars can be tedious and costly. 

With regards to hanging drapes, there’s no compelling reason to spend incalculable hours (and dollars) on experimentation. Spare yourself the time, cash and dissatisfaction with drape pole sections. 

Progressive drapery pole sections are a quick, straightforward, calm option in contrast to customary shade pole sections. Basically place the sections on the highest point of your window trim, tap them in, hang your blinds and proceed onward to your next assignment. No screws, bores, gaps or harm.

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